Bright Grey

Bright Grey specialises in protection insurance – insurance policies that pay out if, for example, you were to die or if you had to stop working because of an illness.

Get life insurance

Get life insurance

We were set up by Royal London – the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company – in 2003. From the start we wanted to be different and give customers what they really wanted rather than what we thought they wanted. So we started by talking to people to find out what that was.

Our research told us that people find traditional insurance companies boring. So we took a new approach and gave ourselves a name that reflected it – a bright spot in a grey market, a bright spot at a grey time in people’s lives.

People also told us they found protection confusing. So we make it easier to understand our products by explaining everything in clear and simple language. From brochures to letters, plan details and policy documents, we avoid jargon wherever we can.

Life can be unpredictable. No one knows what the future holds for them. But many haven’t thought about how they or their family would manage to get by if the worst happened.

Taking out life cover provides for your family if you die. But the need for protection doesn’t stop there. These days many people survive illnesses that at one time would have proved fatal. And surviving can have just as big a financial impact as dying suddenly - you need to keep paying the bills while you’re ill and while you’re recovering. So we offer policies that help you and your family do just that.

We’re committed to doing the right things right for our customers. That means offering you simple, affordable policies that meet your needs and pay out when you need to make a claim.