Established as one of the leading providers of pension, protection, annuities and investments; the history of Scottish Equitable dates back to 1831 making it one of the most experienced providers in the market. In 1994, it joined the AEGON group and now the company offers life insurance (also known as ‘AEGON Scottish Equitable life assurance’ or ‘AEGON Scottish Equitable term assurance’) under the heading of AEGON Scottish Equitable personal protection.

Get life insurance

Get life insurance

The AEGON Scottish Equitable personal protection plan has a number of components, each with a range of options. These include life cover which means either a regular income or lump sum will be paid out should you die or suffer from a terminal illness. It is also possible to add AEGON Scottish Equitable critical illness cover to this policy which pays out on the diagnosis of one of a list of critical illnesses.

Critical illness cover can be taken out as a separate policy, and the company also offers income protection if you are unable to work because of illness or accidental injury.

There are many additional benefits with AEGON Scottish Equitable personal protection such as the option to increase or decrease the level of cover during the policy term and free critical illness cover for children.