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Competition Now Closed

Thank you for all the entries we received. The following sites had readers that were winners of the 10 commandments of saving competition:

The Winning Tips

Try not to treat your ISA as a savings account that you can dip into, as your annual tax-free allowance can only be used once in the same tax year.

Always shop around on a comparison website for your car insurance when it comes up for renewal, and save fuel by making sure your tyres are properly inflated. Only use air con when you really need to and avoid over accelerating and braking.

Keep the cost of lunch down while you are at work. Bring leftover dinner from the night before or make a sandwich. Keep a store of nuts and homemade cookies to keep you away from the vending machine.

Apply for a prepaid card and put it in a drawer. Then set up a direct debt towards the card for an affordable amount every month. This balance will soon mount up and you can then use the card for any unexpected payments. *Some prepaid cards carry charges.

Find out when your supermarket reduces the price of its produce each day and bag some fantastic bargains. Fresh meat can be frozen and veg/salad used the same day.

Are you a mechanic? A hairdresser? Or even a plumber? Start a skill swap scheme with your friends and family where you can do jobs for each other without money changing hands.

Write a meal plan for the week before you go food shopping to minimise waste and spending unnecessarily on items you don’t need.

Research the price of major purchases thoroughly online to make sure you get the best deal. But remember the cheapest is not always the best, consider the quality too for longer-term value.

Start a spreadsheet for monthly outgoings to keep track of your bills. You can also use it to track future social plans, so you can be prepared and save for them in advance.

If you go out and spend less money than you expected put the rest away in a savings box. Out of sight, out of mind!

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