Protect your Patch

Gardens are brilliant. If you're lucky enough to have one, it can be a place to relax or to play with the children and pets. Indeed, when the weather's nice, it's almost like having an extra room downstairs.

A garden is somewhere to pursue a hobby, whether it's growing show flowers or vegetables for the table. And let's not forget using the garden for entertaining. Who can resist the attraction of a BBQ in full swing, with lots of hot food and ice-cold drinks. But remember! Naked flames and alcohol are not a good combination... Take a look at our safety tips in our Protect your Patch infographic.

Let's not forget the garden shed: workshop, office, gym, music room, storage space... however you use it, your shed probably makes a huge difference to how you organise your home. Could you live without it?

The pleasure and pride we take in our gardens should remind us that they can be attractive to burglars as well. We've worked out just how much you could lose if a determined burglar came to call.

It's not just the family bikes or the lawnmower that are at risk. Ornaments, plants and even the lawn itself are potential targets. But our handy tips on security and loss prevention should help keep you safe and secure. Remember the contents of your garden and any outbuildings can be protected by your home insurance policy.


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