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Find my energy supplier

Anyone who has recently moved house will need to know who supplies the gas and electricity to their new home.  

Save up to £210 on your energy bills 

Who supplies energy to my home?

The easiest way to find out is to ask the previous owner, or the previous tenant or landlord if you are moving into rented accommodation. The letting or estate agent might also have the details.

In many cases, the previous owner or tenant will have told the energy firm of their impending move. If so, the current supplier will probably send a letter addressed to The Occupier with all the relevant information.

Pinpoint your gas supplier

If you are not having any luck, or if you have lived in the property for some time, then don't worry. You can find out your gas supplier by calling the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524.  They will also give you a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), which might be useful for future correspondence.

Contact your local electricity company

You will have to call one of 14 local distribution companies to find out your electricity supplier. The numbers are listed below, but if you are unsure of the region that serves your property, you should be able to look up the name in the phone book.

Scotland North 0345 026 2554
Scotland South 0330 101 0222
North East England 0800 668 877
North West England 0800 195 4141
Eastern England 0330 202 2021
Southern England 0345 026 2554
South West England 0800 678 3105
South East England 0330 202 2023
London 0330 202 2022
Yorkshire 0800 375 675
Merseyside and North Wales 0330 101 0400
South Wales 0800 678 3105
West Midlands 0800 678 3105
East Midlands 0800 678 3105


Read the meter

It's a good idea to give up-to-date meter readings to your supplier. You also need to know the energy plan or tariff, so you can work out if you can save money by switching.

You can either ask your supplier for the tariff name, or you can wait until you receive your first bill, which should display the relevant information.

You might also want to find out the typical energy consumption of the property as this will help you search for a better deal on our comparison website.

Switch and save

Many energy firms automatically put you onto a standard plan when you move house. But standard plans are often the most expensive, so you should act swiftly to make the most of any savings.

Don't forget that MoneySupermarket's free independent comparison website can help you get a good deal on your energy, with potential annual savings of about £200.


The last British Gas deal that was cheaper, based on Ofgem average consumption figures, was the web saver 11 tariff, which was available until May 2011.