Pocket Some Extra Cash

According to research we commissioned here at MoneySupermarket, discovering a £20 note in an old pair of trousers or your pocket is top of the list of life's 'little wins'!

So forget the January blues - we want to make 2013 the best year yet, helping people feel great by helping them save money!

We wanted to put our research to the test so we conducted a feel-good experiment to see if we could help people feel a little more epic. We set up hidden cameras in a busy dry cleaner's and told customers that they'd left a £20 note in their pocket by mistake. Hey presto - instant great feeling!

You can get that same feel-good feeling simply by comparing the cost of your household bills. ''You could save more than £200 on your car insurance in a couple of minutes", Clare Francis.

So, how do you feel when you save money?

What's in your pocket? - Blogger Challenge

*This competition is now closed*

We have extended the life's 'little wins' feeling to the blogging community in order to show that something as simple as saving £20 unexpectedly can make you feel great!

We are going to be contacting bloggers from all over the web, surprising them with £20 and asking what they would do with that money to put a smile on their faces.

You can find out how our creative bloggers are getting on with this challenge by searching for #whatsinyourpocket on Twitter.