Dental Insurance

The dental health of you and your family is important, so it's worth considering a dental insurance plan to help you pay for the cost of treatment.

Dental plans contribute towards, or pay for, the cost of check-up's and treatment, giving you peace of mind and saving you money. Dental cover is a cost-effective solution which will allow you to choose the dentist you are treated by and give you the choice of opting for NHS or private treatment.

We want to show you as many insurers as possible, so that you can choose what suits you best. But, we can’t promise to show you every single insurer, because some insurers don’t want to be included on comparison websites.

We think a good dental insurance policy should cover you for emergency treatments, and cover the full cost of NHS treatments. We also think you should be able to claim straight away. We prioritise the companies that include these things in their standard policy, so they appear higher in our list. The insurers who only offer some of these things in their standard policy appear lower down in the list.

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      Dental Insurance

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      Dencover offer 5 different levels of dental insurance cover to suit many people's needs. Enjoy both emergency and accidental worldwide cover as standard and visit a dentist of your choice. Policies start from £4.99 a month.

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    Great for
    One off payment of £2,500 for oral cancer treatment
    You can apply and pay online
    You can claim for check-ups and hygienists fees immediately after taking out the policy
    But be aware that
    Maximum reimbursement for emergency cover of £425
    You cannot manage your policy online
    You can claim up to a maximum of £140.20 per policy year
This policy generally meets the needs of someone wishing to insure against dental costs

An Introduction to dental insurance

Dental insurance is designed to help you look after the dental health of you and your family and can be tailored to give you the best fit solution in terms of the cover level you require.

Here at MoneySuperMarket, we can help you to choose a dental insurance plan by visiting one of the partners in our directory.

What does a dental plan cover?

Dental plans can usually be arranged to pay out in the event of the policy holder needing standard or emergency dental treatment and should also cover the cost of check-ups.

Cover can be arranged to pay for - or contribute towards - the cost of treatment, whether you are registered with an NHS dentist or a private practice. For the latter, you would need to take out a private dental insurance policy.

Typical cover should pay out towards; examinations, scale & polish, diagnostic tests (such as X-ray's) and any standard/emergency treatment which is needed by the patient. The amount paid out by your dental insurance plan will vary depending on the cover level you opt for and claims will be limited to a specified number in any one year.

Why buy dental insurance?

UK dental plans are designed to help give you peace of mind when it comes to footing the bill for costly treatment. Dental insurance can be set up to cover an individual as well as usually being offered for couples and families.

A dental plan allows you to be treated by any dentist, which is particularly important given the shortage of NHS dentists in the UK, and can be tailored to suit your budget and individual needs.

Typical exclusions are likely to be; a 2-3 month period from the start of your dental insurance policy in which you cannot claim, treatment for pre-existing conditions and the cost of any work required during your first check-up if you have not seen a dentist for some time. For these reasons, it is vital to check the terms and conditions carefully before committing to purchasing your policy.

Guide to dental insurance

For more information on choosing the right dental insurance cover for you and your family, please read our guide to dental insurance which contains tips and advice on ensuring you are adequately protected.

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