Name of Account and Rate
 Name of Account: Classic Plus Current Account
 Credit Interest Rate (gross): 1.49 %
 Interest Rate: 1.5 %
 Interest Paid: Monthly
Account Structure
 Tiers Available
 Balance  AER  Gross
 £1  1.5%  1.49%
 £2501  0%  0%
 Account Details

 Access By:
Branch Post Post Office Telephone Internet Digital TV WAP
 Availability Information: You must be UK resident or EU national or have permission to stay in the UK for at least 12 months. You must be aged 18 or over. Joint accounts are available.
 Minimum Income Required: No minimum.
 Free Banking If In Credit: Yes
 Service Charge: None
 Packaged Account: No
 Investment Conditions: Minimum monthly funding of £1,000 per month required to receive interest.
 Withdrawal Access: Instant access.
 Benefits And General Notes: The interest rates displayed will be paid on the first £2,500. No interest is paid on account balances over £2,500.

Account benefits include:

Commission free travel money.

24 hour account access with Internet Banking and PhoneBank®.

An account transfer service is available. Lloyds TSB can help take the stress out of switching your bank account by moving Direct Debits and standing orders from any existing accounts to your Lloyds TSB current account once it is open.

Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

Limit Alert Text Service: you can receive Limit Alert texts to your mobile phone to help you plan ahead to avoid Unplanned Overdraft fees.
 Multi Function Card: A Visa debit card is available subject to application and approval.
 Cash Card: Yes
 Debit System: Visa. All purchases abroad will incur a 2.99% charge. When making purchases abroad or in a currency other than Sterling the transaction is also subject to a charge of £1.00.
 ATM and Cash Withdrawal Notes: Cash withdrawals from non-LINK cash machines in the UK, machines worldwide displaying the Visa sign, or over the counter at a bank or any other outlet displaying the Visa sign are subject to a handling charge of 1.50% of the amount withdrawn (minimum £2.00, maximum £4.50). There is an additional charge of 2.99% of the transaction value for withdrawals abroad.
 Cheque Guarantee Card: N/A
 Cheque Book: Yes
 Standing Orders / Direct Debits: Both facilities are available.
 Overdraft Facility: Yes
 Authorised Overdraft Arrangement Fee: Nil
 Authorised Usage Fee: £6.00 per month.
 Fee Free Overdraft Limit: £10
 Interest Free Overdraft Limit: £10
 Authorised Overdraft Interest (pm/EAR): 1.53% per month  / 18.86% EAR
 Unauthorised Overdraft Interest (pm/EAR): 1.45% per month  / 18.86% EAR
 Unauthorised Overdraft Fees: See "Other Information"
 Other Information: A planned overdraft is subject to application and approval.

There is a monthly overdraft usage fee of £5.00. You will only pay this fee if you exceed a planned overdraft or unplanned overdraft by more than £10 at any time during your monthly billing period. You will be charged a maximum of one monthly overdraft usage fee in a monthly billing period.
You will also be charged a daily fee if Lloyds TSB agree to a request for an unplanned overdraft of more than £10. The amount of the fee will be worked out at the end of each day (including weekends and bank holidays) on the balance of your unplanned overdraft. You will be charged a maximum of eight daily fees in a monthly billing period. The fees charged are as follows:
£10 or less: no fee (buffer applies);
More than £10 but less than £25: £5.00 a day;
£25 or more: £10 a day.

Other Charges
Returned item fee: £10 for each item (maximum of 3 fees per day). This fee will not be charged if the amount of the payment that Lloyds TSB decline is £10 or less.
Stopped cheques (except lost or stolen): £10.
Special cheque presentation: £10.
Duplicate statements: £5.00 per request.
CHAPS payment: £30.
Banker's draft: £20.

Account opening is subject to assessment of your circumstances. You must be 18 or over to apply. Interest is paid monthly. AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) – the rate if interest was paid and compounded once a year. Gross rate is the contractual rate of interest payable before the deduction of income tax at the rate specified by law. Overdrafts are subject to assessment of your circumstances and are repayable on demand.

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