Name of Account and Rate
 Provider: CITIBANK
 Name of Account: Citibank Plus Account
 Credit Interest Rate (gross): 0 %
 Interest Rate: 0 %
 Interest Paid: n/a
Account Structure
 Tiers Available
 Balance  AER  Gross
 £1  0%  0%
 Account Details

 Access By:
Branch Post Post Office Telephone Internet Digital TV WAP
 Availability Information: All applicants must be over 18 years of age. The account may be held solely or jointly and must be for personal use only.
 Minimum Income Required: No minimum.
 Free Banking If In Credit: No
 Service Charge: 10 per month.
 Packaged Account: Yes
 Investment Conditions: There is no maximum investment level.
 Withdrawal Access: Withdraw up to 10,000 cash from any Citibank branch in the UK without notice. Larger withdrawals will require 2 days' notice.
 Benefits And General Notes: Account benefits include:

Worldwide annual travel insurance for you and your partner, worldwide mobile phone insurance, identity theft protection and card protection.

No management fee for Euro and US Dollar current accounts.

24/7 account access via Citibank Online and CitiPhone telephone banking.

Mobile banking with personalised email or SMS alerts.

Fee-free global transfers to Citibank accounts in 25 selected countries.

When you switch your account to Citibank, they will switch your direct debits, standing orders and will even transfer your salary for you.
 Multi Function Card: Yes
 Cash Card: Yes
 Debit System: Visa/Delta. Purchases in a currency other than Sterling are subject to a charge of 2.75% of the transaction.
 ATM and Cash Withdrawal Notes: Cash withdrawals in a currency other than Sterling are subject to a charge of 2.75% of the transaction.
 Cheque Guarantee Card: N/A
 Cheque Book: Yes
 Standing Orders / Direct Debits: Both facilities are available.
 Overdraft Facility: Yes
 Authorised Overdraft Arrangement Fee: Nil
 Authorised Usage Fee: Nil
 Fee Free Overdraft Limit: 500
 Interest Free Overdraft Limit: 500
 Authorised Overdraft Interest (pm/EAR): 16.9% EAR
 Unauthorised Overdraft Interest (pm/EAR): 29.8% EAR
 Unauthorised Overdraft Fees: See "Other Information".
 Other Information: The interest free overdraft buffer quoted is available to applicants who deposit their salary, or make regular credits if self employed of at least 1,250 per month, to the account.
Overdrafts are available up to 10,000 at 16.9% EAR and overdrafts above 10,000 are negotiable.

Transactions paid by Citibank that cause the account to go into an unauthorised overdraft are subject to a charge of 25. Transactions for which payment is refused are also subject to a 25 charge.

Other Charges
Stopping a cheque: 10.
Copy of statement: 6.00.
Banker's draft: 20.