Xoom International Money Transfers

Xoom is an online international money transfer service which offers a secure, fast and inexpensive way to send money overseas. Xoom has relationships with banks and money transfer payout partners to provide a safe and quick means of sending customer’s money – meaning you can send money to thousands of cash pick-up locations around the world. Xoom Corporation was founded in 2001, and is now one of the fastest growing companies in this sector.

Xoom International Money Transfers

Why Use International Money Transfers?

Sending money abroad to friends and family as a gift, or in an emergency was once a slow, difficult and expensive process involving a high street bank. But transferring money in this way can prove very costly, as if you’re only shifting a small amount, you can end up facing charges that are almost as high as the value being sent. This, coupled with an uncompetitive rate of exchange, means you are unlikely to get a good deal.

The good news is, if you’re looking to transfer money to friends, family and businesses, you can make transfers quickly and cheaply with Xoom from any internet-enabled computer.

What about the Rates?

With Xoom, the rates are far more attractive, and the fees are a lot lower. For example, wiring money to the UK would cost you $4.99 and the exchange rates are locked in; transfers to the UK can be made in less than one hour. You simply log on to the Xoom.com money transfer service, and can then send money to recipients in more than 30 countries in four simple steps.

You can fund a money transfer with a credit card, or by getting funds withdrawn from your bank account.

Recipients can receive cash in local currency or dollars, and in many countries, can have the money deposited to their bank account, or delivered to their home or business.

Why Use Xoom

Xoom is verified by TrustE as a licensee of the TrustE Privacy Seal Program, and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It operates its websites using the Verified by VeriSign seal.

Learn more about international money transfers from Xoom at MoneySupermarket, and start sending money today.


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