Travelex International Money Transfers

Travelex is specialist provider of foreign exchange and international payments for both consumer and business customers. It is well known for its airport bureau de change, but also offers an International Money Transfer service. Travelex has almost 35 years experience in trading up to 80 currencies.

Travelex International Money Transfers

Why Use International Money Transfers?

There are many reasons why you may want to use a transfer service, such as sending money to relatives as a gift for a birthday or other occasion.

This type of service can also prove useful if you need to send money abroad quickly in an emergency, such as making a rescue payment to a teenager on a gap year.

Property owners may also need to transfer money to pay a mortgage or to cover the upkeep of a property overseas.

What about the Fees?

While many people turn to their bank when they need to send money around the globe, you can end up getting stung by a double whammy of hefty costs and uncompetitive rates.

This can soon wipe out much of the sum you’re trying to transfer.

With Travelex, the process of transferring money is much cheaper than the banks, as the rates are far more competitive and the fees a lot lower.

In April 2011, Travelex launched a secure internet transfer service for sending small amounts abroad called Send Money Now.

With this service, you can send payments from £25 to £2,500 to any bank account worldwide with the guarantee the money will be transferred within five days for just 99p.

If you need to send money more quickly, the company can do it in two days for £7.

The fees are a flat rate and do not change.

If a payment does not arrive on time, Travelex will refund the cost of the transfer.

You don’t have to register for this service, and money can be deposited in a bank account anywhere in the world in just four steps.

As the service is safe and secure, this is a great way to send small amounts instantaneously – and significantly cheaper than moving money through a high street bank. You can also track your transfer online.

What Else do they Offer?

As well as money transfers, Travelex offers the cash passport, a prepaid card which allows you to lock into an exchange rate here in the UK when the rate looks favourable; you then use the money loaded onto the card on holiday.

The card can then be used in shops or to withdraw money from a cash machine using a pin, and can be topped up by direct debit card or bank transfer.


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