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Premier guide

What is a premier account?

Premier current accounts are aimed at above-average earners or those with a significant amount of money in savings or investments.

A premier account offers a more personalised service than you would get with a standard current account plus a raft of extras, including ‘lifestyle benefits’.

Not everyone will qualify for this type of current account. While the qualification criteria isn’t as strict as those on many private banks accounts, premier accounts are only available to people who earn more than a specified amount per year, or who have a certain amount in savings.

Who do they suit?

Premier accounts are for high earners who are looking for a more personalised banking service than is available with a standard current account.


While a premier account will be your core banking product, banks market these deals as part of a wider ‘premier banking’ proposition.

The concept is built around the fact that high earners or those with significant investments, tend to have more complex banking needs than average. As such being a premier account customer will give you access to a more tailored and personalised service.

Benefits of a premier account include having your own personal relationship manager who will be your point of contact for any banking questions or needs.

Banks also often offer preferential rates to premier customers and there will be a number of additional extras that come with the current account such as mobile phone insurance, gadget cover, travel insurance and breakdown protection. Some even come with perks such as a will-writing service, additional 12-months warranty on domestic appliances and a legal helpline.

Some also offer luxury perks such as airport lounge access. 


The entry requirements in order to qualify for a premier account are quite high. You will either have to earn above a certain amount – it could be as much as £100,000 a year; or have a significant amount in cash savings which you are prepared to invest with the bank – usually around £50,000 or more; or have a sizeable mortgage with the bank.

There may also be a monthly fee although this will depend on the bank. Some offer their premier account for free if you meet the eligibility criteria, others will charge.

Many people will simply not use all the lifestyle benefits associated with a premier account and so they may be better off with an account that charges less.


If you want a current account that gives you more, and you don’t mind paying a fee, but you don’t qualify for a premier account, you could be better off with a packaged alternative.

The fees are lower but they also come packed with benefits, such as free mobile phone insurance and travel cover.


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