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To apply for this current account

Go to the NatWest website

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Is this account right for you?

To open this account

  • You must be aged 18 or over to apply
  • You are a UK resident
  • You must not have been declared bankrupt in the past six years

Account features

Account benefits

You will receive the following with this account:

- Earn 2% unlimited cashback


Great for
Get 2% back on seven household bills (Council Tax, Mobile, Landline TV package, Water, Gas, Electricity and Broadband) when paid by direct debit
NatWest customers earn on average £83 per year based on monthly bills of £345. Excludes monthly £2 fee
£125 cashback when you apply for this account by 16 February 2018 and complete a full switch of a non-NatWest account
But be aware that
£2 monthly fee
To get this account, you must pay in at least £1,500 every month
You must make one deposit of at least £1,500 and log into online banking or mobile app once before 16 March 2018 to qualify for the cashback reward. T&Cs apply

Interest rates

Balance Introductory Rate Follow on rate Gross AER*
Any balance 0.00%
  • Any interest you earn will be tax-free up to your annual personal savings allowance.

Overdraft Rates and Charges

Overdraft buffer Amount Planned/Authorised Overdraft Rate (EAR) Unplanned/Unauthorised Overdraft Rate (EAR)
  • The first £10 of the arranged overdraft is interest free
Other Overdraft Charges Fee/Rate Notes
Planned Overdraft Usage Fee £6.00 / Monthly Charged if you use your arranged overdraft by more than £10 during the month
Unplanned Overdraft Fee £8.00 / Daily Charged on unarranged overdrafts greater than £10 (maximum of £72 in any charging period). Monthly maximum charge for all unarranged fees: £80

Other Fees

Fee Notes
Foreign ATM Charge 2.00% / per item Minimum £2, maximum £5
Foreign Exchange Rate 2.75% / per item
Foreign Purchase Fee 2.75% / per item Minimum £1
Returned Item Charge £6.00 / per item Maximum of £60 in any charging period
Service Charge £2.00 / Monthly

Operating and accessing your account

Operating your Account Making Withdrawals
Online -
Phone -
Post - -
Post Office
Mobile App -

Mobile App Features

Make transfers between accounts -
Check balances -
Make transfers to other people -
View transaction history -
View direct debits/standing orders -
Apply for new products -
Use app on multiple devices -
Branch finder -
Pay bills -
Setup payments, standing orders, or direct debits -
Make payments -
View mini statements -
Make payments to other people -
Use multiple devices -

Mobile App features may be limited. Please refer to provider's site for more information

Other details

  • This account has a Visa Debit card.
  • The currency for this account is Pound.

To apply for this current account

Go to the NatWest website

Go to site



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