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It's easier than ever to switch... 7days in fact, thanks to new government legislation!

Compare the UK’s current accounts – Order based on customer service score in descending order

  1. £100 Cashback

    Receive £100 cashback when you switch

    Great for
    Earn a market leading 6% interest from first directs regular saver - Open to first direct banking customers only
    Satisfaction guarantee
    But be aware that
    Minimum monthly funding of £1,000
    No interest paid on balances in credit
  2. Market leading

    Best rate for balances between £3,000 and £20,000

    Great for
    Cashback on your household bills
    1% cashback on your Santander Mortgage
    But be aware that
    £2 monthly account fee
    Minimum monthly funding of £500
  3. Great for
    £100 cash back when you switch using The Co-operative Bank switching service
    The Co-operative Bank will also donate £25 to charity
    But be aware that
    Minimum monthly funding £800
    Terms apply for the £100 offer. See 'more details' page or visit providers site for full details

    Representative Example:

    The advance of credit of £200 at an interest rate of 18.9% EAR variable.
    Debit interest of 18.9% per annum is charged on the total overdrawn balance. For overdrafts over £200 a £20 fee is payable on set up, when The Co-operative Bank agree new limits and upon each annual renewal of the overdraft. Subject to status.

    • Provider/Product name FlexDirect


    • Customer Service Rating
    • Overdraft Rate (EAR) 0% 1st 12 months
    • Interest Rate (AER) 5.00% on balances between £1 and £2500
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      More details

    Market leading

    This is the best rate for balances up to £2,500

    Great for
    Highly commended provider 2014 Supers Awards
    Dedicated switching service to personally manage your account opening
    But be aware that
    Minimum monthly funding of £1,000
    After 12 months the interest rate lowers to 1% AER
  4. Exclusive

    £125 M&S Gift Card reward when you switch using the Current Account Switching Service

    Great for
    Earning M&S points for debit card spending - One point for every £1 spent, 100 points equate to £1 in M&S vouchers
    £100 overdraft buffer if you dip into the red
    But be aware that
    To qualify for the £125 gift card you must use the Current Account Switch Service

    Representative Example:

    0% EAR variable on the first £100. 15.9% EAR variable thereafter.

  5. Market leading

    Earn up to £160 in the first year!

    Great for
    Earn up to £160 reward in the first year - made up of £100 for switching. Your switch is covered by the Current Account Switch Guarantee
    and 12 x £5 reward each month you pay in £750+, pay two different Direct Debits and stay in credit
    But be aware that
    To qualify for £100, use the Current Account Switch Service to transfer and close your old account held elsewhere. Excludes anyone who's had £100 for switching since Jan 2012
    Account terms and conditions apply

    Representative Example:

    If you use a planned overdraft of £1,200, then Halifax will charge you £1 a day when you use it. Overdrafts are subject to status.

  6. Great for
    Earn up to 4% AER / 3.93% Gross variable interest on your balance up to £5,000
    Get exclusive access to a range of great banking offers
    But be aware that
    For the monthly £5 fee to be waived, a minimum of £1,500 must be paid into your account each month
    To qualify for credit interest you need to pay two different Direct Debits from your Club Lloyds current account each calendar month

    Representative Example:

    Up to £100 interest and fee free overdraft, subject to application and approval. If you use a Planned Overdraft of £1,200 on the Club Lloyds Account the overdraft interest rate Lloyds charge on the first £100 will be 0% EAR variable. The overdraft interest rate on the next £1,100 will be 19.94% EAR variable and a Monthly Overdraft Usage Fee of £6 will apply. You will not pay any fees or interest on an unplanned overdraft if you are overdrawn by £10 or less. EAR is the Equivalent Annual Rate. This is the actual annual rate of an overdraft. It doesn't take into account other fees and charges.

  7. Great for
    Earn a minimum of 1% cashback at selected retailers and an additional 1% cashback on contactless purchases
    Award winning mobile banking - pay your contacts anytime

Current accounts. Trust us to explain them simply

Guide to current accounts

Current Accounts Guide

We’re getting generally better at switching financial products and shopping around for a better deal. But changing current account provider is something that continues to elude most of us. In fact, an estimated six out of ten adults have never switched their current account.

There are 54million current accounts in the UK, making them big business for banks. And, as they know that once they’ve got your custom, they are unlikely to lose it, it can result in some uncompetitive deals and customer service.

The big four banks – Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group and Royal Bank of Scotland, which owns NatWest – control more than 70% of the current account market even though their standard current accounts pay paltry, and in some cases no, interest. Their overdraft rates can be uncompetitive too so why do so many people stay put?

The common perception is that switching current account is a lot of hassle for little gain but this isn’t the case. Many banks now have dedicated switching teams which ensure the transfer process runs smoothly. And from September 2013, the Current Account Switch Service comes into effect. Amid other consumer guarantees, this will ensure the process takes a maximum of seven working days. So now is the time to stop being loyal to your bank and get more from your current account.

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What should I look for when choosing a current account?

The assumption many people make is that current accounts are all pretty similar so it doesn’t really matter which provider you bank with. But, especially these days, that perception is a long way from the truth.

Some of the major providers are battling to attract new current account business by offering some fantastic deals, including upfront cash incentives. However, the product that is best for you will also depend on how you use your current account. So we’ve come up with some common customer profiles that should help you identify the key things to focus on when choosing a current account.

  • If your current account is usually in credit, look for a deal that pays a decent rate of interest – the choice of these is growing!
  • If you are usually overdrawn, look for the cheapest overdraft rates. Some accounts now also offer fee-free overdrafts for a certain time period.
  • Look at how you manage your bank account. Some current accounts are based only online for example so, if you prefer to transact face-to-face in a branch, these won’t be suitable.
  • If you do require branch access, and see an account that looks attractive, think about where the nearest branch of that bank or building society is as there’s little point moving your current account over if you’ll have to travel miles to get to a branch.
  • Think about whether you want to pay a monthly fee for a packaged current account which offers services such as breakdown cover and annual travel insurance.
  • Finally, if you frequently travel abroad, check out any foreign transaction fees for using your debit card as these also vary.

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