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Best credit cards to use abroad


Packing a credit card when you head off on holiday is great for convenience, security and even protection on your purchases. But choose wisely as some charge hefty fees for overseas use. Find out more with our guide.

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Credit card glossary


Credit cards come with a minefield of confusing terms and acronyms. So whether you're a seasoned credit card user or applying for your first deal, our glossary will help you make sense of the jargon.

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Why use a credit card?


Credit cards come in all shapes and sizes and finding one that suits you and how you spend can make a world of difference to your pocket. Find out more in our guide.

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What is a balance transfer?


These days, there is no need to pay extortionate rates of interest on lingering credit card balances – as there are so many great 0% balance transfer cards up for grabs. Find out more about how they work and what’s available.

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What is a credit card?


Find out about how credit cards work, what protection they offer, the different kinds of deals available – and the potential pitfalls of not using your card responsibly – with our back to basics guide.


What is a good credit score?


The better your credit score the better credit card deals you will be offered. Find out more about what a good credit rating means – and the impact it can have on your wallet – with our guide.

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What is credit scoring?


If you are considering taking out a mortgage, loan, credit card, or even a new current account, getting to grips with your credit score first is a good idea. Find out more with our guide on credit scoring and what it all means.

Meals and eating out are typical credit card purchases

How to get accepted for a credit card


Applying for a credit card is very different to being accepted for one. Learn how to improve your chances of being approved with this guide – as well as the reasons why you may have been turned down.

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A guide to student credit cards


A lack of credit history and regular income are two reasons why students are likely to be declined for a regular credit card. The good news is, there are deals available specifically for those in higher education. Read more about using thse products here.

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How to get approved for a credit card

Want to improve your chances of being accepted for a credit card? We take a look at the criteria used by providers so you can get a head start when it comes to making a successful application.

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How to apply for a credit card


If you're thinking of applying for a credit card, this step-by-step guide explains everything you need to know – from how credit scoring works, to how to get the deal that will best suit your pocket.

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What are money transfer credit cards?


Usually residing under the banner of ‘balance transfer credit cards’, money transfer cards can be really useful in helping you to organise your finances cost-efficiently. Learn more with our guide.

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A guide to charge cards


What are charge cards and how do they differ to credit cards? What are the advantages and disadvantages and how can you get the best deal to fit your needs? We explain all in our guide.

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Why do I need a credit card?


Used wisely, a credit card can be invaluable to your finances and your everyday spending. We detail their benefits, which range from convenience and safer shopping, to avoiding interest and even getting paid for spending.

Calculating costs

How much does a credit card cost?


Credit card fees and charges can be a minefield. Our useful guide takes you through the different costs associated with everything from making a 0% balance transfer, to late or missed payments.

Credit card security

Guide to credit card security


Fraud is on the increase which means being really vigilant with your finances both on and offline. Read more about protecting yourself against credit card scams – and the protection offered to you by card providers on your purchases.

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Guide to credit card protection


Credit cards offer a host of free benefits that make them one of the safest means of paying. We explain how your credit card provider is protecting your purchases, your identity and your finances – all for free!

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Guide to credit card charges


Credit cards can be very useful, but it's important to remember that they can come with a host of different charges. This guide takes you through each and every possible fee so you can avoid any nasty surprises.

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Choosing a credit card


How do you work out which credit card to go for? We'll show you what you need to consider so you can choose the right card for you

What is MasterCard?


MasterCard is a financial services organisation which processes the transactions carried out on credit cards operated by a range of banks and other lenders.

Contactless payment cards


Contactless payment cards are ordinary debit, credit or prepaid cards which allow you to make payments by waving the card over a card reader without a PIN being entered.

Apple Pay


Apple Pay uses the near-field communication (NFC) chip in your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to pay for goods and services using contactless payments

Android Pay


Android Pay uses the near-field communication (NFC) chip in your Android phone to pay for goods and services via contactless payments.


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