Why you’re paying too much for gas

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    Re: Why you’re paying too much for gas


    Agree with much of the article and the explanation that many are paying too much because they haven't switched to a cheaper tariff. But when I first saw the Subject I thought I was going to learn why the suppliers are charging so much......

    But I didn't, so disappointed.

    Quite interested in the mention of the First Utility tariff. It's certainly competitive but I quibble slightly at the comparison with another supplier's "standard" tariff. While competitive, Isave has one or two gotchas. The 10% duel fuel discount is deferred for a year but the price is only guaranteed for 3 months. I ask out loud what if the tariff increased after 3 months? Well, while there is no contractual lock-in, the 10% is locked in for a year or lost. Secondly it's not fixed monthly Direct Debit like most, but variable Direct Debit. Energy is so seasonal the last thing I want is any supplier dipping into my bank account with a large seasonal Direct Debit at a few days notice and especially a month after Christmas. And what about somebody on short time because of severe winter weather?

    Fine, as long as customers understand the implications of accurate monthly billing with variable payments.

    I'm not impressed with "smart" metering (due to industry and hence consumer cost) over regular manual meter reading but at least there is not going to be an installation charge. But until then manual monthly readings are mandatory, so why not just continue to use manual readings? The same "billing accuracy" can be obtained with any Scottish Power online tariff (and possibly other suppliers online tariffs), by submitting exactly the same monthly readings without losing the "benefit" of fixed monthly billing.

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    Why you’re paying too much for gas

    <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin:0cm 0cm 0pt;"><span>UK homes are still paying record high bills for gas, while the suppliers have seen wholesale prices plummet. So how big is this gas gap and what can you do to keep your bills as low as possible?

    Read Felicity's article '<span>Why you&rsquo;re paying too much for gas'</span></span>

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