Which provider is best for freeview tv, broadband and phone?

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  •  Fri, Feb 03 2012, 4:05 PM

    Re: Which provider is best for freeview tv, broadband and phone?

    Virgin Media are pretty good and offer what you are looking for at about £38 a month. I think that is for their basic package of TV channels (including all the normal freeview channels), broadband up to 10mb and basic telephone.

    Depends on how much telephone usage you have, as if you phone certain numbers a lot, BT may be cheaper than Virgin.

    If you visit the Virgin Media site, you will see what packages they offer. They have a deal at the moment for 3 months free.

    If you search online, you can also look at sites like Uswitch, where you can look at what broadband speeds are being achieved in your area by certain suppliers.

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  •  Fri, Feb 03 2012, 3:34 PM

    Which provider is best for freeview tv, broadband and phone?

    I have had a leaflet through the door about Virgin services. I currently have my phone with BT and a Sky freesat box and dish. I am fed up with trawling through hundreds of rubbish SKY Tv channels, most of which I don't get and don't want. I want BBC freeview channels, but wonder if this can be done through a fibre optic cable with Virgin? Virgin only seem to offer Sky packages, which I don't want. Our contract with BT is at an end, so I am looking for a cheap package for phone and broadband and possibly TV if I can find what I want. What would you recommend? Digital aerials do not work in this area, so if we don't get TV through a dish we don't get it at all. I have thought of buying a BBC freeview box to use with the dish, but a good one is about £250 - more money. I don;'t have the facility to record tv or pause live tv, which I would like. I am really confused about what to do! The other thing is that I would like iPlayer on the tv but we switch the wireless router off when not using it, so if we got phone and tv running off the wirless connection, it would be disrupted. Complicated, huh?
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