Virgin media broadband - POOR SPEED AND NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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  •  Sun, Sep 28 2014, 1:18 PM

    Re: Virgin media broadband - POOR SPEED AND NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR

    When you phone VM mention that where you live you cannot get anywhere near the 100mbps mentioned, so there is no point paying for something you can't get.

    I have just checked my broadband speed and I am getting 38-55mbps. This is on the lowest level broadband package. VM are in the process of carrying out upgrades to their network.

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  •  Sun, Sep 28 2014, 11:59 AM

    Re: Virgin media broadband - POOR SPEED AND NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR

    Thanks for your email and thoughts and yes seems like paying for faster broadband is a waste of money. The reason like many of us pay more for this is because the need & demand of the household and VM settings are boosted for download and upload speed by their systems for premium customers.

    However, Although even if I wanted the broadband to get to 100MBPS it's not in my control as it's not available to me- in fact 30% of the product. If my Ferrari was capable of doing 200MPH then I could make it achieve 200mph (okay it's against the law but the product you pay for will deliver expectations).

    Anyway- I get your point and thanks for response and helping me to save the money on this service.

    Many thanks

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  •  Sun, Sep 28 2014, 11:12 AM

    Re: Virgin media broadband - POOR SPEED AND NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR

    I have the lowest level with VM and I can get 24. I think VM have also said that they will be increasing the speed at no extra cost.

    Why would anyone pay for the highest speed, when if you read the small print there is no guarantee ?

    You might as well phone VM and change your broadband to a lesser speed, so you pay less, but will probably get the same speed as you have been experiencing.

    Your experience is unlikely to change by moving provider. It depends on a number of factors e.g how many people are using your local nearest exchange/hub and the speed of internet site servers.

    It is a bit like buying a Ferrari which can do 200mph and being restricted to 50mph due to traffic, speed limits etc. Downgrade your service to what the network is likely to be able to provide.

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  •  Sun, Sep 28 2014, 8:42 AM

    Virgin media broadband - POOR SPEED AND NOT WHAT YOU PAY FOR

    I pay a premium for 100mbps broadband with Virgin Media and have only been receiving 25-34?!

    When you speak to customer services they don't seem bothered that a customer is paying for a service and only receiving 30% of that service - if this was any other industry they wouldn't get away with it?

    Could you imagine going to a restaurant and only getting a third of your meal abut expected to pay full price- just wouldn't happen.

    If your a Virgin customer then I would recommend you test your broadband speed quickly - you may be surprised what poor service your actually receiving for what you have been promised and costing you.

    Time to consider Sky or another broadband supplier that delivers what you pay for- let's ensure Virgin Media don't keep charging and misleading their customers.

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