vanquis credit card

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    Re: vanquis credit card

    If you phone National Debtline, they will confirm the options. One of which is to advise Vanquis of any hardship you are experiencing, as a result of the charges plus interest they are applying. I believe they can apply default charges if you are not meeting the normal minimum payments required by the cards t&c's and the interest rate can be varied twice per year.


    You would better getting advice from an official source such as National Debtline. Vanquis are more likely to take you seriously, than just advice from an internet forum.

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    Re: vanquis credit card


    res, Vanquis do have a poor reputation.


    sorry to bump in here, hope someone can help:

    got a vanquis card with £1000 debt:

    made arrangements with them to pay £33 per month for the next three months, they are bumping default charges on every month?

    and interest @ 1.99%

    the debt is getting higher:

    have asked them to freeze interest to help get back on track, but nothing:

    at this rate: i've no chance of reducing debt, thinking about telling them " take me to court, then judge can sort pyment plan out "?

    not sure what to do. can anybody help?


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  •  Fri, Mar 07 2014, 2:01 PM

    Re: vanquis credit card


    vanquis told me that I missed a payment and recorded this on my credit file.

    You should check your records. If you did not miss a payment, you should raise the issue in a letter to Vanquis asking for your credit record to be corrected and, if they refuse, you should ask the credit reference agencies directly. You should keep copies of letters and obtain posting receipts.

    Yes, Vanquis do have a poor reputation.

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  •  Fri, Mar 07 2014, 10:10 AM

    vanquis credit card

    I have just tried to pay my vanquis credit card off in full it took 3 attempts and eventually my own bank had to pay them direct.vanquis told me that I missed a payment and recorded this on my credit file.when I questioned this,they said there was nothing they could do.it seems to me that they don't want you to leave them and would rather you struggled.avoid this credit card at all costs
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