Utility Warehouse cancellation charge

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    Utility Warehouse cancellation charge

    Hello, I'm hoping for some advice with Utility Warehouse please :)

    We had our broadband with BT but via UW - it was the fibre optic option. We've recently moved house and my partner rang up to switch the broadband. We were told that they don't provide fibre optic at the new address but we could get regular broadband. She told him that we definitely need fibre optic unlimited so we'll shop around for our options.

    It turns out BT can provide fibre optic at the new address so we signed up with them. The deal was very slightly more expensive but came with TV, Youview box and £180 cashback. We sign up and that will be installed on the 28th.

    She rang UW up to cancel and was told that there's a £180 cancellation fee. I assume it's because there's still remaining months on the contract. We explained that we've just moved house and that they don't provide the same service here but this new guy insists that they do. He checks again and says yes, they do provide fibre optic, we must be mistaken.

    We were very very sure we weren't so asked for him to listen back to the call. He did this with the supervisor and when he came back online said "yes, you're correct, we made a mistake however because you can still cancel BT at the moment you still need to pay the £180 cancellation fee unless you stay with us. As a gesture of goodwill we'll credit your account with £15".

    Is this right? In the original call my partner made it clear that we wanted to stay with UW but we did need fibre and they made no mention of a cancellation fee then. The guy on the second call said that's correct because we weren't actually cancelling so they didn't need to warn us of the fee at that point. This all stems from their mistake yet we'll be out of pocket now and have to wait longer to get internet installed.

    Any suggestions? We've escalated it at the moment so we should be getting a call from a supervisor at some point - it's likely to be the same one that listened to the call though so I don't think it'll make a difference.

    It makes me uncomfortable to think of sticking with UW, and we certainly don't want to trigger a restart of the contract.

    Thanks for reading!

    Any suggestions?

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