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  •  Tue, Apr 28 2009, 10:01 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Due to persistent attempts by Utility Warehouse distributors to tout for business on this community forum - contravening the moneysupermarket.com Community Standards and Terms of Service - this post has now been locked. Touting for business, advertising and marketing tactics will not be tolerated by this community.

    May I respectfully suggest you look for more original means to advertise your business, while checking out the following:

    1. moneysupermarket.com Community Standards.
    2. moneysupermarket.com Community Terms of Service.
    3. Unfair Trading Regulations - Please pay particular attention to 'Section 5: Misleading actions'.

    Many thanks for your kind co-operation...

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  •  Mon, Apr 27 2009, 9:04 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Carespress, it is all true. Give it a go as you have nothing to lose and a hell of a lot to gain. And yes, when you tell your friends and they switch you get a discount off your bill. In 5 years time everyone will know who the Utility Warehouse is.
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  •  Mon, Apr 27 2009, 8:54 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Interesting discussion, lol. I got to this page via searching for this company on google. I have been approached by a local distributor with regard to changing over my utilities to this company and as I hadn’t heard of them before I thought I would make google my friend!

    Anyway, would really value you people’s input here as I’m in no way an expert on this (example of this being I have been paying BGs standard rate for as long as I can remember. The distributor just laughed when he was told of this! Oh dear). Here’s the deal I’ve just worked out for our consumption. Like I say, I’m no expert and the distributor told me he couldn’t work it out for me as they aren’t allowed to (due to the possibility of mis-selling? Not sure). I did find that rather a refreshing approach but it HAS made it a little harder for me to investigate, lol.

    Home Town/Region: Wakefield/Yorkshire

    Gas 17000 kwhs per annum

    Electric 3500 kwhs per annum

    Up to 24mb broadband (apparently my exchange has been upgraded to ADSL2 whatever that might be so this is good, lol! It apparently means much faster internet dependent on the distance from the exchange. We are approx 100 metres from it!!)

    40gb monthly allowance (currently with Sky BB and they tell me we use approx 30gb per month between us)

    Free calls 24/7 (this apparently includes 01 ,02, 03 and 0845/0870 numbers and 10 international numbers. One of which is Australia, where my brother lives!)

    Option to ‘refer’ friends to the service and get a percentage knocked off your bill each month. The distributor told us this involves getting them to ring a free phone number and quote our account number. Is this true?

    Further discount off the bill by using the cashback card. This really appeals because we are and always have been regular Sainsburys shoppers and this is one of the stores on the ‘5% discount list’ We have calculated we spend on average £150 per week on groceries and fuel at Sainsburys, we are a family of 4 and if I’ve done this correctly that would mean an annual discount off our bill of £390! Is that correct??? It seems a ridiculous figure to us!!) The distributor explained that there are costs associated with using the card, I believe it costs £1 per month in fees and then 35p per top up. We have calculated this as a total of £17 for the year with monthly fees and 12x 35p top ups so the net discount is £373?). Anyone know whether this is how it all works? Seems a massive incentive to use the company if it is!

    A paper bill each month (this definitely appeals as we seem to get bills so infrequently from British Gas so tend to forget about checking our usage etc). Apparently this bill contains fully itemised details of all the services we take, less the cashback card discount and then just one direct debit for the whole lot). Sounds like a great idea to me but, again, maybe I’m missing something?

    I’ve been on energyhelpline (headache-inducing!) and it’s telling me that the charge for my gas and electric will be £1072 per annum (the cheapest one, British gas Websaver2, would be £119 a year cheaper but on reading the small print this is a totally online tariff with no paper bills and they seem to charge you £60 if you leave before a certain point in time. Why??)

    Adding the £1072 to the yearly charge for the phone line, broadband and 24/7 calls with Utility Warehouse (£240?) comes to £1312. Take off the cashback card discount and the net figure comes to £939?? £78 per month??? For gas/electric/phone/broadband/all calls?? I’m not say what we are paying currently as it’s frankly embarrassing!

    Am I totally missing something here?? Please advise as I’m a very cautious person at heart and don’t change lightly (as you can tell from the amount of time I’ve been on my existing gas and electric tariff, lol). Thank you.

    Sorry for the long post but I hope you’ve got this far and can hopefully give me some pointers.

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  •  Tue, Apr 07 2009, 11:09 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    I have read several forums regarding Utility Warehouse recently, and I have to confess I am actually a distributor for them.

    I believe I can offer a completely balanced view on this, as I have not been sucked into the hype from the company, and have chosen to form my own opinions on the evidence I have seen since selling their services.

    The first thing I will say is that having looked around at different pricing etc from diferent energy providers, you can obviously get better deals than the ones offered by UW, and the same goes for their Broadcall service.

    UW's USP is their multi service offering, which for some people is a completely brilliant thing and that is how I sell it now. It is obviously much easier to have 1 company for gas, electric, landline and broadband and have everything on 1 bill if you are that way inclined. I have to say that I personally am not, but can see how it works for others.

    As for the business opportunity, you will not get a chance like this with any other major UK PLC, so the knockers and doubters are completely mis-informed and completely wrong!

    My only negative point on this is that they do not train distributors to a high enough standard in my opinion. Far too much missing information at the beginning which would cut out a lot of wasted time in the months to come.

    However, they have lots of Which? Magazine best buy awards and recently won PLC of the year. You do not get much better press than that as a company, and that certainly puts the thing into perspective for me.

    One last thing I would like to say is that every company has their dis-satisfied customers. So to those who say how bad they are, they have just had a bad experience, like millions of other people in the country with other companies every day of the week.

    In summary I would say their Broadcall package of landline and broadband is very competative and you have the ease of both on one bill. I have a friend who I did not sign up, but has been with UW for 2 years for his broadband and won't hear a bad word about it.

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  •  Mon, Apr 06 2009, 6:54 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Big Big difference from Amway, which I also saw through straight away. The thing with Utility warehouse is

    1) you are not trying to sell products nobody wants. Everybody already uses utilities and you are actually just helping them find a good supplier.

    2) You have no stock to buy, store or convince anybody to buy.

    3) You have no big fees to start. The modest joining fee is made back very soon and can even be totally refunded in many cases.

    4) Once you are a distributer you can take it at your own pace and it works well along side other businesses.

    What exactly is there to see through? There is nothing to lose.

    Sure the marketing videos and presentations can be a bit cheesy, but so are all the adverts on TV, thats not a reason to avoid a company.

    The UW is a company providing a real service which people are using wevery day and is not just dependent on buiding a pyramid. If that happens however its a bonus.

    Yes you could make money for the charity you work for but it would need some effort. Most detractors of this business model seem to think it just happens. No, it is a job, and yes it can make money but its not easy.

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  •  Sun, Apr 05 2009, 12:36 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Met someone who talked to me about this and how I could make money for the charity I work for. Just watched the promotional DVD on line and immediately I thought of Amway - back in the 70's went to one of their presentation saw through that then and see through this now. Wouldn't go near them.
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  •  Tue, Mar 24 2009, 1:21 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse


    Cheap gas & electric???? Who are they trying to kid!!? I've just opened my March monthly bill, to find my gas consumption (as far as Utility Warehouse can see) is already £93!! And my electricity consumption is £38 which is far better than £93. Bear in mind as I type this, it is only the 12th March, so I'm really worried that my gas bill at the end of March will be about £393. They wonder why I've contacted a different utility company for my gas and electric supplies.

    Hey ho. I'm going elsewhere from April.

    I CAN'T WAIT!!

    And, no, I don't keep my gas on all the time.

    I am distributor and customer of the Utility Warehouse and find it unusual that their charges are uncompetitive. They do not claim to be the cheapest but they are definitely not expensive. In my experience where people find that they are dissatisfied with their bill it is because of a misunderstanding of the readings.

    The bill you will have recieved around the 12 of March should be of your February usage and will be for the full month.

    Also bills will often be estimated unless you call in with meter readings taken on the last day of the month. Remember also that bills are averaged over the year and sometimes it can take a while for a suitable monthly payment to be calculated. There is no reason whatever energy supplier you use for there to be massive differences in your monthly bills. To check that you are on a suitable comparably low tariff all you have to look at is the cost per Kw.

    If bills have gone up considerably then it is usually because energy accross the board has gone up and what ever supplier you use an increase would have been noticed or usage patterns have changed, I find customers often think that a new company has cost them more even when it has actually saved then money.

    The personal service provided by your distributor should be able to answer these sort of questions so use them and ask why you think your bill is so high.

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  •  Tue, Mar 17 2009, 11:53 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    I haven't read all the comments here, however:

    I have been a customer of Utility Warehouse (Telecom Plus PLC) for over 10 years. In that time I have never had to contact them to complain. I have not had any problems with their phone service. I have had one problem with BB in about 4 years and that was because of an external network fault that affected the whole of my area. I do contact their energy customer services to update my meter readings about every 6 months or so at which time they check my budget plan and help me to ensure we are not paying too much or too little. As a multi-service customer I do benefit from their free calls package which, according to my calculations, probably saves me between £15 and £30 per month, so about £200-£250 a year.

    I am also an authorised distributor who has introduced about 100 customers. If I read most of the comments on this forum thinking they were the norm, then my life would be one of constant angry phone calls (all my customers have my freephone number), endless complaints and the earth would be opening up to send me down to the depths with Lucifer. Well, that has not been my experience. I don't have customers complaining in fact just the opposite. Why else would they get their children and other family members to contact me to become customers?

    As someone else stated, it is horses for courses. Very few of the UW services are supplied on anything more than a rolling one month contract. So if you are dissatisfied, it's very simple - find another supplier and leave.

    Yes, I am biased. But then I'm also happy, I get good service and I know my bills are lower than they would be otherwise.

    Oh, and one final point - one of my customers contacted me recently to ask about the 5% Cashback card. He and his wife do most of their weekly food and petrol shopping at Sainsbury's. They regularly spend around £150 to £200 a week, so 5% back would give them somewhere around £450 back each year - that's possibly equivalent to 3+ months FREE electricity, gas, broadband, phone and mobile usage every year. Are they happy? You bet they are!

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  •  Sat, Mar 14 2009, 10:50 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse


    Well, I have just joined UWDC as a Distributor. Can I say that I did not become a customer first, I just saw a real opportunity. Forget that its supposed to be cheaper, just look at the benefits. If you really want to save you will use the Cashback card to make purchases you would anyway, 5% of what u spend comes off your bill, now you do the maths. The reason why its called the Discount Club is because that is what it is. Get the card and start saving. I think that this is a great opportunity, helping people get the best out of the UWDC. There is no such thing as a perfect company, come on people who bank with HBOS banks are probably still with them, even though they supposed to be to blame for this recession. You still continue to pay them each and every month for a membership, so why not with your utilities.

    I am sorry to hear that your bill was higher than expected, but you talk about your March bill, I have not read all the post so you may have already answered these questions, but I would like to know how long you have been with them, and who you were with before, and if you are a member or just a regular customer???


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  •  Thu, Mar 12 2009, 8:46 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Cheap gas & electric???? Who are they trying to kid!!? I've just opened my March monthly bill, to find my gas consumption (as far as Utility Warehouse can see) is already £93!! And my electricity consumption is £38 which is far better than £93. Bear in mind as I type this, it is only the 12th March, so I'm really worried that my gas bill at the end of March will be about £393. They wonder why I've contacted a different utility company for my gas and electric supplies.

    Hey ho. I'm going elsewhere from April.

    I CAN'T WAIT!!

    And, no, I don't keep my gas on all the time.

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  •  Fri, Feb 27 2009, 8:55 AM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Utility Warehouse are not perfect - neither do they claim to be...but I still think they are the best out there!

    I originally left Virgin after several years of being promised (and paying for!) their 20MB Broadband and the most I ever got was around 1.5 to 2.5MB download speeds. Every time I spoke to their customer service I got a different reason (excuse?) for why it was so slow.

    Then I finally lost patience with them and decided to try SKY. I was already a Sky TV subscriber and with the 3 in 1 bundle I thought I could make huge savings on my phone and Broadband charges...well, long story short, it was a LOT cheaper than Virgin for calls and broadband BUT my new Broadband speed which should have been up to 8MB was averaging at 63.4KBPS (that's just marginally faster then the old dial up modem speeds I used to get about 10 years ago!) I did lots of download speed tests - the worst was a cringe worthy 9kbps...I could virtually go have my dinner while a webpage loaded - it was painful! So cheap service...got what I paid for in the end! Customer service was useless - have a look at the Sky Customers forum and you can read page after page after page of dissatisfied and disgruntled Sky Broadband customers and many of them were also disgusted with the poor levels of customer service. Bottom line...their TV package is expensive but it's arguably the best in home entertainment...Sky Broadband cheap and, unless you happen to be one of the few lucky customers who are live beside the local BT exchange, speed leaves an awful lot to be desired. (Judging by the speeds I was getting, I think my nearest BT exchange may as well have been in Scotland - and I live in the Midlands!)

    Moved to Utilty Warehouse in October and now get my Gas, Electric, Home Phone and Broadband all in one bundle and on one single bill. I'm very pleased with the services - and I'm already making great savings - my phone calls for example are now free 24/7 for local and national calls - and even for calls to 10 top International destinations are free! And their 5% Cashcard is fantastic - got £29 knocked off my January bill, just for buying what I would have bought anyway in December and using the Cashcard to pay for my purchases!

    My Broadband speed is now around 1.5 to 2.5 MB (I know...should be up to 8MB) but, given my distance from the nearest BT exchange and after what I've had to put up with from BT lines with Sky, I think that is impressive by comparison.

    According to Which magazine (Feb 2009), their new 24 MB Broadband and Home Phone package is now the best in the UK - and Which are a completely impartial consumer watchdog. I am told that as their new 24 MB package rolls out over the next few months (dependent on BT engineers making various upgrades at my local exchange I understand) my Broadband speeds should roughly treble in the next month or so.

    Customer service is also given 5 stars by Which - and the few times I've had to phone them, the call has been answered in under 20 seconds and I don't get passed from pillar to post either - I speak to one customer service representative who can quickly sort out any problem. Unlike my previous experiences when I used to be with BT and I'd end up trying to communicate with someone in India or someone on the other side of the world this made a refreshing change to speak to someone who was in the London Head Office, had their finger on the pulse so to speak, and could actually resolve my query.

    At the end of the day there are loads of things that can go wrong with any utility service and if you've been one of the few unlucky ones then I am truly sorry. But every company has its 'unlucky' and therefore dissatisfied customers. Utility Warehouse are remarkable in that so many customers are not only happy with their services - but over 90% of them are happy to recommend them to their friends and family. I think that speaks volumes for the company.

    Not sure what the complaint above was about their 'billing practices' - I think my bill from Uility Warehouse is probably the simplest, easiest to read (and fully itemised) bill I've ever received.

    A very happy customer.

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  •  Mon, Jan 26 2009, 9:16 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    Broadcall doesn't have a contract, at least mine doesn't.I have been with Utility Warehouse for over 4 years because I get electric, gas and mobile all on one bill, plus they gave back over £40 last month with their cashback debit card,


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  •  Fri, Oct 31 2008, 1:56 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    WHICH is a consumer site it is designed for you to tell them if you do or dont like a product/service, therefore why dont you pay your subscriptions and join them and tell them. maybe you should buy some shares in telecom plus, you could be a rich person in a few years time!
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  •  Wed, Oct 29 2008, 9:23 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    I wish `which' would come and interview me, I could also show them there billing practices! and how come since iv been back with BT and with another provider and my internet connection has been excellent and much much faster, i can only assume iv been paying for all the other UWDC customers to save money, or maybe i have shares in the company but was unaware?
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  •  Wed, Oct 29 2008, 5:30 PM

    Re: Utility Warehouse

    What you dis-satisfied people should know is that if broadband keeps dropping out it's the BT line's fault!

    BT were given the poisoned challice and that's the way they repay it!

    As for the £120. isn't it funny that The Utility Warehouse guys did NOT tell you about this?

    The reason as many have actually reported, is that BT will try it on but when push comes to shove it really is their line and they drop the £120 charge why? because it is in lala land!

    So get real the utility warehouse is better than BT and WHICH have stated this so many times over the years, you have a gripe and no one listens, but will BT? No WAY

    get real and enjoy the better values


    a satisfied delighted and money saving UWDC customer

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