Using your broadband for VoIP Calls!

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  •  Sun, Jun 08 2014, 8:59 PM

    Re: Using your broadband for VoIP Calls!

    For VoIP call just use the Smartgroschen Application, its very easy to use & main matter is the cost of international calls by this application is very low & also have free chat option.
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  •  Fri, Aug 17 2007, 5:09 PM

    Re: Using your broadband for VoIP Calls!

    Thanks for the plug, they are extremely lucky having a customer who appreciates them as much as you do !
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  •  Thu, Aug 16 2007, 11:01 PM

    Using your broadband for VoIP Calls!

    Hi everyone just would like to share my experience of Your Choice VoIP (www.yourchoicevoip.com)  I have been looking for a way to make calls using my ADSL connection for a while now but always found the companies to be in the USA and not very helpful. I came across this UK based company through a banner i saw on a website. i wasn't very clued up on how VoIP really works as i am used my normal landline therefore i emailed their support team who were extremely helpful and explained to me exactly how they can offer cheaper calls compared to my landline providers by using my ADSL connection.


    I found signing up for them was pretty easy, i went for the Unlimited Calls to UK, USA and Canada. Being in UK i have a lot of family in Canada therefore this package was perfect for me and for £9.99 i really could not find that anywhere else.


    They charged me the first month upfront by debit card and after signing up, i received an email within aboout 20 minutes containing all my log in details to their online control panel including detailed instructions on the different ways i could use my account. I guess the only reason why they might take that long to set the account up was because of some customer verification check that they mentioned during sign up.


    I began calling with the softphone i downloaded from their website and i must say the calling quality was brilliant i could not tell i was using the internet to call. They also told me i could use the access number and use my account from any phone in the world which was handy and also that by installing a software on my mobile phone that i could also use my account to make calls on my mobile's internet! Brilliant!

    I'm currently trying to get hold of a good voip phone which will plug straight into my router and i would need no PC!

    I was very impressed with the range of services and convenience, i now use my account for most of my calls and i am saving a lot of money compared to using my BT landline to make calls.


    I would definitely recommend Your Choice VoIP, simply because it was so easy and simple to do and they respond to any questions you may have super quick, so i guess they are a good company for customer service!





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