Transferring broadband from DST to another provider

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  •  Thu, Mar 03 2011, 9:31 PM

    Re: Transferring broadband from DST to another provider

    MAC codes don't officially exist where your broadband is on an LLU circuit (as mine is). I have tried to get a LLU MAC from DST, but they said they don't provide them and all I should need to do is get the new supplier to contact them & they would transfer things. The person I spoke to obviously doesn't know the real situation. To complicate things DST don't actually provide the lines themselves, they bulk-buy them from people like Opal (Talk Talk) and therein lies the problem.

    I've even tried contacting Ofcom, who told me there is no existing procedure (like MAC codes) for transferring LLU broadband. All they said is that it is the interest of the 'new supplier' to get the transfer done via 'reverse LLU migration' if the two companies have a migration agreement! Great! They even went on to say that they have no plans to ever introduce things like MAC codes for LLU circuits.

    So I'm guessing that unless I switch to BT, I'm not going to be able to seamlessly transfer to a new supplier without any downtime.

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  •  Thu, Mar 03 2011, 11:04 AM

    Re: Transferring broadband from DST to another provider

    I had a similar problem with my broadband. I moved into a property, and the previous tenant had Sky, and they told me they wouldn't release the line because she hadn't cancelled. Can I ask, have you requested a MAC code from any of these providers to give to the next company? You may have to go without broadband for a few weeks I'm afraid, I had to wait for Sky to free up the line so my broadband company could install their line. There may be another way, but I'm afraid I don't know. Saying that, if you have a BT line, it may be worth contacting them for advice?
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  •  Sun, Feb 27 2011, 6:41 PM

    Transferring broadband from DST to another provider


    I have been trying for the best part of a year now to transfer my broadband and phone line away from DST to another provider. I have just had it with the unreliable speeds, unexpected loss of service for hours and their total inabiliity to respond properly to queries.

    I have tried to transfer to 4 other companies all unsuccessfully. The latest being Sky who, I should add have cancelled my order twice, both without notifying me as to the reasons. Upon contacting these companies, I have been informed that Opal will not release the broadband line to them. Even Talk Tak couldn't get Opal to let them have the line & they are both part of the same group of companies!

    How on earth do I change suppliers without either having a 2nd line installed or losing broadband for weeks?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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