Tenants Liability Cover.

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  •  Wed, Jul 15 2009, 7:23 PM

    Big Smile [:D] Re: Tenants Liability Cover.

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  •  Tue, Jul 14 2009, 7:34 PM

    Re: Tenants Liability Cover.


    This is a typical wording for tenants liability from a leading Insurers. Most Contents Policies will include this somewhere in the policy. Under some it will be under Liability section and on others under contents.

    Tenants liability
    We will pay all amounts you become legally liable to pay, as a tenant
    of your home, for damage caused to the buildings during the period of
    insurance shown in the schedule, by any cause covered by paragraphs
    A, B1, B2 and B3 of section 1 of this policy.
    For any claim resulting from one incident, we will not pay more than
    20% of the total sum insured by this section

    The perils covered are the standard risks under Buildings (A), Plumbing installation (B1), Locks & outside door (B2) and fees/clearance costs(B3). There are exclusions were property is let e.g theft or attempted theft by tenant.

    My understanding of the cover is that if the Building is damaged and you have any legal liability conveyed to you in your tenancy agreement, this section will cover your liability. An example could be. You have left a chip pan on the gas and this causes smoke damage to the decorations. If your tenancy agreement makes you responsible, then a claim could be made against the policy. Obviously the landlord should have Buildings Insurance and normally a claim would be made against that in the first instance. I suppose then the landlords Insurance would then claim a contribution from the tenants Contents Insurance where this is relevant. I have not dealt with a claim in this circumstance, this is my understanding of how this would work.

    This is the Morethan cover under Contents section

    17. Tenants liability
    Your liability at law under covers 1-12 of the
    Buildings section of this policy, if you are
    legally liable under the terms of your tenancy
    agreement (not as owner, leaseholder or
    landlord), for damage to your home.

    I suspose the consequence of not having cover is that you could be personally liable to pay for damage to the Building under your tenancy agreement. If the landlords Insurers looked at the tenancy agreement and noted your liability, they could pursue you for a contribution if you were negligent. Therefore it would be sensible to take out Contents Insurance as I think it stipulates in your tenancy agreement.

    One last point here. We are not talking about accidental damage here. If you damage the Building or landlords Contents, accidently, you could lose any deposit. Landords fitting & fixtures are not covered by your Contents insurance, the landlord has to arrange their own Insurance.

    Hope this helps


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  •  Tue, Jul 14 2009, 6:35 PM

    Re: Tenants Liability Cover.

    Yes, it's just insurance for the landlord's furniture, white goods, etc.. I would expect that normal contents cover will include that, as long as there's nothing really valuable, but you should check with your insurer to be sure.
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  •  Tue, Jul 14 2009, 6:23 PM

    Tenants Liability Cover.


    I Rent a property through a lettings managment cover and my contents insurance has expired - However on going over the Contract i noticed a thing called tenants Liability Cover and that i must have this - and not one to argue i looked at my previous policy (with more than) and we wernt covered!

    Now can some one explain what Tenants Liabilty cover is for (it s a part furnished property, Sofa, Table, and the usual white goods) and why it is required? and where if needed can i get some from?

    Do normal contents insurance policies include Tenants Liability Cover or should i be looking to get this included in any policy that I take out?


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