student loans

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  •  Sun, Mar 25 2012, 12:06 AM

    Re: student loans

    The only way he would be eligible for any more would be under the hardship fund. This takes in to consideration students who are struggling to keep themselves financially stable whilst going through university. This is only a minimal living cost help. I was a student a few years ago and faced financial difficulties. I took on a 25hour/week job and still did my university studies whilst receiving the hardship fund. I still could not afford to live and eventually had to leave. Every student I studied with or lived with received regular financial aid from their parents. The basic maintenance loan that he will receive every 3 months just about covered 3 months rent for me leaving me with about £15 left over.

    There is a further living costs grant available but that is only if you are estranged from your parents or they are deceased.
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  •  Wed, Feb 29 2012, 10:59 PM

    student loans

    iam thinking of emigrating to sunny paradise but my son is in uni at the moment he gets a student loan but if we leave him here will he be entitled to any more funds he could stop with close family but will have to pay for his keep can he get any more monies to help keep him self he will be joining us once he finishes his studies

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