Spelling Mistake preventing me getting insurance?

Last post Wed, Jul 26 2006, 1:51 PM by Kaye Pimblett. 4 replies.
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  •  Wed, Jul 26 2006, 1:51 PM

    Re: Spelling Mistake preventing me getting insurance?


    We're sorry to hear you are still experiencing problems and are continuing to look into it. When we click on the link you posted at first, we are able progress to the payment pages when the Key Facts Summary is left open and also when it is closed. We are also using the same Firefox version as you.

    The only time this doesn't work is when either 'Enable Java' or 'Enable Javascript' is unchecked in Firefox's options. If this is checked however, the small pop up window reminding you to read the Key Facts Summary does not appear.

    We would suggest clearing your temporary internet files/cookies and enabling Javascript before trying again. You can do this on Mozilla via tools-options-content tab-and ensure the 'Javascript Enabled' is ticked.

    If this problem persists you could try using an alternative browser such as Internet Explorer 6.0. If this error occurs again here then there would appear to be a problem with your system.

    I hope this helps. Let us know.

    Kaye Pimblett
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  •  Tue, Jul 25 2006, 8:16 PM

    Re: Spelling Mistake preventing me getting insurance?

    None of this appears relevant to the problem Kaye. To address your specific points:

    1. I realise the page to proceed from is the one which has the Continue button at the bottom right, the url of which I pasted into my original question.

    2. Popup blockers are all switched off at present both in Firefox and Norton Internet Security.

    3. The .pdf file opens perfectly well in another tab and I've read it. Although I know none of the following is at all relevant I did try to proceed with the .pdf open and closed - no difference.

    4. I didn't take a long time to complete the forms on the previous pages.

    THe only thing I don't think I have made clear is that I close the small window with the prompt to read the key facts summary prior to attempting to proceed.

    When I hold down the Ctrl key and click the Continue word at the bottom of the page I only get to a blank page with the url "javaNOSPACEscript ProccedAndApply();"

    The spelling mistake is still present...

    The ball's back in your court dear.

    Please hurry, as I only have until 29th August to get insurance.

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  •  Tue, Jul 25 2006, 10:11 AM

    Re: Spelling Mistake preventing me getting insurance?

    Hi Goggz,

    We haven't been able to replicate the same problem on our system but problems regarding the Key Facts Policy document occur regularly. The following four resons usually explain why the problem occurred:

    1 - The customer doesn't realise that the Key Facts page is not the page they proceed on. This page must be closed down before further progress can be made. The proceed button is located on the Moneysupermarket page.

    2 - Pop-up blockers on systems do sometimes recognize the Key Facts to be a pop up blocker. This can be resolved by either turning off the pop-up blocker or by holding down the CTRL button when clicking on the link.

    3 - With it being a PDF file it wont open on systems which do not have one of the latest versions of Adobe. This has already been identified, but sometimes the icon and message underneath the proceed button go unnoticed.

    4 - If the customer has taken a long time to fill out the form, the session may have timed out. If the customer deletes their cookies, refreshes the page then re-opens the Key Facts they usually are able to proceed to payment.

    I hope this helps to explain!

    Kaye Pimblett, Insuresupermarket.com
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  •  Sun, Jul 23 2006, 9:22 PM

    Re: Spelling Mistake preventing me getting insurance?

    Your forum has altered the text I input in my query above from java script to BLOCKED SCRIPT

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  •  Sun, Jul 23 2006, 9:19 PM

    Spelling Mistake preventing me getting insurance?


    I was trying to order some travel insurance via the travel section of this website but when I tried to proceed beyond this page:


    I was told to "Please read the key facts summary before you apply" via a small popup.

    After having read said document I kept getting the same prompt repeatedly when pressing the continue button and got no further. Very frustrating indeed.

    The status bar in my browser tells me:

    BLOCKED SCRIPTProccedAndApply();

    Is this spelling mistake (Procced instead of Proceed) the reason I can't get insurance via your site?

    Can you please check this out and advise.

    I use Mozilla Firefox v1.5.0.4

    Ta, Goggz
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