Small bump, no damage, but other party claiming whiplash etc!!!

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    Re: Small bump, no damage, but other party claiming whiplash etc!!!

    Not much your GF can do about this, but let her Insurers deal with. The chances are that her Insurers will just pay out to the third party, if they receive a doctors letter confirming possible whiplash. The might query it, if there is no evidence of any damage to the third parties car, but a query is the most it will come to.

    It does not make much difference to your GF's Insurance whether the third parties claim is for £200 for damage to their car or £2000 including slight whiplash. The damage has been done, because she had a fault accident and cannot dispute this. ( well apart from saying it was possible the third party had rolled back into her, just to raise doubts about how the accident happened) . If neither your GF or the third party driver obtained the witness details, I doubt that they can be traced. The Police won't look at CCTV, but you could make a subject access request for the CCTV footage, which would cost £10. But such a request, can take up to 40 days for them to action.

    Yes your GF's no claim discount will be affected by a fault claim and there will be a loading to the premium as well. She should expect a fairly large increase (30% +) from renewal.

    If your GF does not have the third parties contact details, the only ways she could find out is either using the reg no (Ask mid) or via her own Insurers if the third party had been in contact.

    There is no point going on about this. Yes it is very annoying and third parties will take the p*ss. 1 in 3 claims now involves a personal injury claim. In some countries, you cannot make a claim for whiplash for such accidents. The UK government is currently looking into this, as it is a factor in the large increase in Insurance premiums.
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    Small bump, no damage, but other party claiming whiplash etc!!!


    My girl friend was driving to work, she went into the back of a car at literally no more than 2mph, there was no damage whatsoever, as a witness told the person in front. My girlfriend left her details and drove to work thinking nothing of it.
    The next day or so later, her insurance co. called and said that the person who she hit was claiming damages and whiplash as she had gone to the doctors a few hours after the 'accident' (if you can even call it that!). The woman in the car she hit was being frantic and crying etc and just sat in the slow lane until her husband got there (the car, she said was her husbands, perhaps she wasn't insured on it, hence the reaction!?!?!?)
    Unfortunately my missus didn't get the witness details or take photos, she's only been driving for a few weeks, so a couple of questions....

    How can you find the witness to the accident? would the police be helpful if we asked them to look through cameras on the road where the bump was? The witness was a lorry driver pulled over on a slip road and saw it happen as he was broken down.

    If an assessor comes to see our car and the other parties and finds no damage what happens to the other party for lying and damage and whiplash etc? Is there any way of finding out the other parties names and contact details?

    If there is no claim (if it is canceled etc), but my girlfriend has admitted responsibility to her insurers will her no claims be affected?

    if there is a claim but we disagree entirely what can be done? can we take it to court etc even though my partner has admitted responsibility and the other party is lying through the teeth to put in a fraudulent claim?

    How much does a really small accident and claim put on your premium if you've only been driving for a few weeks?

    sorry for all of the questions! any info is much appreciated.

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