Shower Leak - covered by insurance?

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  •  Fri, Oct 12 2007, 12:03 PM

    Re: Shower Leak - covered by insurance?

    Cheers laf,

    Fil M23's advice is also very useful.

    The only thing I can add is something you've recognised already: to make sure that the plumber or tradesmen you choose are independent from the those used by the building committee/managing agents - to avoid confusion and a possible conflict of interests. I know some building committees have a list of recommended or preferred tradesmen - but I think in this instance (and having not seen a copy of the building insurance policy as yet) you're wise to get some independent advice and recommendations.

    Good luck - Look forward to hearing the update...
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  •  Fri, Oct 12 2007, 11:33 AM

    Re: Shower Leak - covered by insurance?

    Hi Graeme

    Thanks very much for your help. We have never seen a copy of the block buildings insurance policy which apparently is quite common in . However now we need to claim I am requesting one.

    We have been given conflicting information about coverage with the managing agents telling us we are not covered as the leak is within the confines of our own apartment (even though it doesn't appear possible to know without removing the tiling) but someone at the insurance company saying that at the very least the repairs to the damage will be covered and the leak if it is part of the building plumbing system.

    I will therefore be seeking advice from an <u>independent</u> plumber as to where the leak is occuring.

    I'll post an update.

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  •  Fri, Oct 12 2007, 11:12 AM

    Re: Shower Leak - covered by insurance?

    Damage to the wall and pipe repairs would be classed as buildings insurance. Whether you can claim for them successfully under your building policy is another matter.

    Without knowing what cover you have, I would probably say that unless the leak from the pipe has been caused by an insured peril i.e accidental damage etc (accidental damage has to be something specific happening to the pipe i.e nail going thru it or something similar rather than pipe or joint merely leaking) then the cost of pipe repair won't be covered. If the pipe is in your flat vicinity then most likely the costs involved will be down to you to meet.

    Your policy may cover u for trace and access tho, which means that it will cover the costs (labour time most likely) of a plumber tracing the leak but not repairing it costs. you'd need to check your policy.

    As far as water damage to your wall, you should be ok to claim for that - so long as you had no idea of leak, and this is the first you'd noticed it then wall repair should be covered

    hope this helps

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  •  Fri, Oct 12 2007, 10:40 AM

    Re: Shower Leak - covered by insurance?

    Hi laf,

    Good question.

    Like many maintenance/service charge agreements for flats/apartments etc, it's a case of 'check the small print' to see exactly what you are and aren't covered for. Unfortunately, cover seems to differ from building to building and policy to policy.

    I would check your own home insurance policy to see what you are and aren't covered for and compare that to the maintenance/service charge agreement and their policy cover. You should find an answer.

    As for establishing where the leak actually is, only a good plumber can really help you there...

    Hope that helps...I'm sure other forum members may be able to help with some advice or share their experiences...

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  •  Thu, Oct 11 2007, 12:51 AM

    Shower Leak - covered by insurance?


    There is a leak behind the wall at the back of our shower in our apartment. The tiled plasterboard is showing signs of rotting. I contacted the buildings insurance company who cover us under our annual maintenance/service charge. However they told me the leak would not be covered under the policy as it is within our own apartment. Firstly could anyone let me know whether we should be covered for this either way and secondly how we could establish whether the leak is within our property or the building's plumbing? Are leaks usually covered under block insurance policies?

    Thanks in anticipation.

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