second car insurance

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  •  Mon, Dec 03 2007, 4:17 PM

    Re: second car insurance

    Hi Boyo

    If you take out a policy with Norwich Union Direct for your first car (provided you dont have any ncd to use on the bmw) they will match the bonus on your second policy, this doesnt mean you will have two sets of ncd but you will have one policy with max ncd and one with 0 ncd but max 70% discount (if you stay with them for 2 years they will give you two sets of max ncd).

    The only restriction if for the first 12 months it can only be for yourself and your partner to drive so no additional drivers and they will only match max ncd if you have both been claim free for five years if you have had a claim in last 5 years the discount will be reduced.

    Hope this works out for you.


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  •  Mon, Nov 12 2007, 5:11 PM

    Re: second car insurance

    You could also do worse than try your existing insurer whom the other car is with.

    Also try www.admiral.co.uk they do mulit car policys and you could get a good deal on both cars.

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  •  Mon, Nov 12 2007, 5:02 PM

    Re: second car insurance

    Try Adrian Flux. www.adrianflux.co.uk

    They take your driving experience and no-claims on your first car into account and specialise

    in limited mileage policy's for 2nd cars.

    I've got a 535i BMW as a second car and it cost me £170 a year fully comp with a limited mileage of 5000

    a year.

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  •  Sun, Nov 04 2007, 5:30 PM

    Re: second car insurance

    Hi --- It will probably be cheaper to transfer your higher risk Z3 onto your policy with the NCD and benefit from the reduced costs in place of the Peugeot.

    Then insure your Peugeot 206 as a starter car because it's in a lower insurance group starting a new policy where you have no NCD entitlement will be cheaper, than doing it the other way. You can ask your current insurer for an introductory NCD discount on the second car (Peugeot), often they give 2 years at their discretion, in order to keep the new business.

    Or as a back up plan, depending how many months you will drive the Z3 look into the cost of temporary cover, below, just for the months you intend to use it.


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  •  Sun, Nov 04 2007, 12:50 PM

    second car insurance

    Hi Bought a Z3 last summer as a pleasure car for mainly summer use. I have a 206 peugeot that myself and partner drive. The 206 is insured in my name with my partner being the named driver.What is the best way to insure the z3 or any known insurers that will help. I get quotes that are high because I have another car and cant carry the no claims over to the z3. Thanks.

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