Scottish Power Boiler Cover

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  •  Mon, Oct 29 2012, 4:50 PM

    Re: Scottish Power Boiler Cover

    The Scottish Power boiler cover is pretty useless, I can't even get them to service my boiler, got knows what it's like when the boiler breaks down.

    I'm looking elsewhere.
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  •  Thu, Dec 01 2011, 11:23 AM

    Scottish Power Boiler Cover

    I would like to share my appalling service from an ongoing issue with my Homecare boiler package from Scottish Power.

    Sold to me as a weight of my mind boiler cover, the past 18 days without heating and hot water have left me stressed and Angry.

    · Logged issue on Tues 15th November

    · Engineer on site Thurs 17th - he asked me what the error message on boiler was and if I knew what it meant :-(

    · Advised part needed (gas value) would take 2 to 5 days. - advised by support team part was not ordered until Sat morning 2 days after visit.

    · Unable to book next appoint till part arrives. Part arrive Tues 22nd, next free engineer Friday 25th.

    · Engineer arrives, replaces part by advise, this was not the fault with boiler. PCB fault. - Error E133 reported on advised if issue with condensation pipe being blocked or faulty PCB board.

    · New part ordered with 2 to 5 lead time.

    · Weds 30th new part arrives, next free engineer appoint Sunday 3rd December.

    · Issue further escalated - brought forward to Sat 2nd.

    · As away weekend unable to attend and on customer site next week so unable to have someone in flat during day.

    · Unable to book Friday as local engineer is off and all other engineers are busy even though escalated.

    · Currently 16 days without hot water and heating.

    No call backs from Scottish Power when advised.

    3 times escalated to manager and advised I would receive a call in 24 hours, no callback.

    They have limited skill resources and massive demand which they are unable to fulfill causing massive lead-times and delays.

    The experience has left me drained and very cold.

    Surely they cannot justify charging for this service.

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