Santander Premium Investment Service

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  •  Fri, Oct 10 2008, 8:30 PM

    Re: Santander Premium Investment Service

    It is anyone's guess what will happen next. It is quite possible that your current investment will make (or lose) 7.2% in just a day or two so you can't really compare it with a fixed interest bond.

    To compare to the market, you should google for a chart of the ftse100 index if the investment is in larger UK companies, otherwise find an index that is more appropriate to your holding.

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  •  Fri, Oct 10 2008, 12:11 PM

    Santander Premium Investment Service

    I have a substantial (to me) portfolio that is being managed by Santander - previously Inscape. In the past month, my porfolio has lost £80k (22%) in value and continues to suffer in the current global financial crisis. I don't know whether this is generally in line with other portfolio managers - or better/worse. How do I check Santander's perfomance against other similar managers ? Should I cash in some of this that is not Pep / ISA wrapper to minimise the impact and earn 7.2% fixed term interest for a year. Clearly longer term I will go back into equities - perhaps in a year or so.

    I am not getting any response from Santander, and need some guidance from someone who understands the current turmoil.

    Thank you in advance.

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