santander nuicence calls

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  •  Sat, Jan 07 2012, 7:50 PM

    Re: santander nuicence calls

    If you are a customer of theirs or have been a customer then there is no way to stop them. But if you are not or never have been then you could try registering with the telephone preference service. http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/tps/index.html. Then Santander will be committing a crime when they call. However, that is not a perfect fix because I think calls from outside the UK are not covered by TPS. If that does not work then you could take the rather drastic but probably would work action of changing your telephone number.
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  •  Sat, Jan 07 2012, 2:37 PM

    santander nuicence calls

    how do i stop santander maliciously phoning me a few times a day every day they have been doing this for weeks. i have rang emailed and sent secure messages telling them to stop i have reported them to ofcom. i have said i will report them to the police but nothing stops them. they just pretend they will stop when you speak to them on the phone then they keep on doing it anyway. this is the number which keeps ringing me 0845 4019112. i have said i will change banks but that doesnt matter to them either. it started because i had a few calls from someone from santander ringing for someone who doesnt live here. i asked them to stop. they said they wouldnt then they started ringing on that autodialler number all the time. dunno what their issues are but i find it very odd to harress someone who had been a normal customer now is just sick of them.
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