Red Debt Collection Service letter

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  •  Fri, Nov 13 2009, 9:50 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter


    tel number 0844 844 4720 just goes to an annoying, repeating "all of our advisors are now busy", etc... repeating constantly.

    Just a point of information. 0844 numbers are not usually counted as premium rate numbers but the people that you are calling receive something like 1p per minute while you are on the phone. If using a mobile, it could cost you 25p per minute to make the call.

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  •  Fri, Nov 13 2009, 8:27 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter


    If you read other posts on different threads about Lowell, Red, Hamptons chasing debts for various phone companies, the accounts in questions are often disputed.

    Quite a few people following complaints to the phone companies, have had letters back, advising that the account in question will no longer be chased and the file has been closed. Which is basically admitting to an error without actually saying so.

    So the advice is that if you receive a letter chasing for an amount you do not think is due, is to make an official complaint to the phone company or original creditor concerned. You can submit subject access requests to the phone company under Data Protection for £10, to obtain all information regarding the account and then submit a complaint to the relevant regulator eg. Otelo. While you are fighting your case regarding the disputed amount, you should send a recorded delivery letter to the Debt Collection Agency to advise them of the situation, enclosing a copy of the complaint to the phone company/original creditor.


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  •  Fri, Nov 13 2009, 7:59 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Well im sure you will.....they have only not contacted you cos either they outsourced it to another company or sold it back to the original creditor or you've moved.

    Ive experienced all this....I looked everything up on the internet and got sent a letter confirming legal action against me with the fees and charges on there.

    Trust me.....they are right so unless you have complete proof of whatever it is your disputing you've got no hope. Id just rather tell people the truth from 1st hand experience rather than you believe what everyone else puts cos if you do that you've got no chance.

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  •  Tue, Nov 10 2009, 6:30 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    I got sent a letter last year (see my previous post) and after a few correspondents backwards and forwards, I simply ignored it as I knew they were trying it on, and have never heard from them since!
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  •  Tue, Nov 10 2009, 6:23 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter


    There are some points above that are true but it sounds as if this guy works for Debt Collection Agency!

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  •  Tue, Nov 10 2009, 6:08 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Just thought id let you know your proper rights

    Mobile Phone companies are not governed under the Consumer Credit Act and therefore have no legal obligation to provide an original credit agreement, however the customer is legally liable. Please check this as it is a SERVICE agreement NON CONSUMER not a credit agreement, even though they do a credit check

    They provide you withn a service monthly and every month you pay that service in full whereas a credit card or loan which is governed under the CCA is a loan where you pay a set amount each month for a certain term but you are not paying in full every month

    Mobile phone companies are a NON CONSUMER based agreement which are not covered by the CCA act and even if the customer went to court they DO NOT have to provide the original credit agreement. Basically the customer has no rights.....

    If you apply on line you tick the terms and conditions box and that is you accepting the agreement, over the phone is verbal and in the shop is the same....If you do not respond to this you will be taken to court, incur further charges and interest and LOSE.

    Just letting you know your exact rights....check this on the internet as it is completly true

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  •  Thu, Jun 04 2009, 6:37 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Hi everyone

    I am in the exactly same situation as the summer1 received letter meaning the same thing from Lowell no reprly from Red Debt but aren't they same company??? . (exept not receiving a letter from Hamptoms).

    As they have placed a default on my credit file I really want to get over with these bunch of liars.

    Please someone help me I am confused.

    Really don't want to pay the money to them knowingly this is scam.

    Help Help Help


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  •  Wed, Mar 18 2009, 7:21 AM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Dear all,

    I too am being chased for an alleged "cancellation fee" (as I am informed by someone in India working for 3 hotline) for 100+ pounds for a 3 mobile account closed 4 years ago which when I closed the account well in advance before the end of the contract I was reassured that no cancellation fee will be charged.

    but even more outrageously, this same sum with the exact same reference number is being claimed by BOTH RED debt collection AND LOWELL portfolio. I have already sent the request for credit agreement to both of them, and while RED replied stating "the account does not fall under the provisions of the consumer credit act", I received a letter from HAMPTOMS LEGAL for Lowell Portfolio, stating that legal proceedings may now be issued and served upon me without notice throught the county court, which would incur me an extra 80+ quid.

    I am very close to paying the damn thing but just worried that since it seems to be a bloody scam anyway, they can just claim I have not paid it or keep asking for more and more.

    In fact I have already moved abroad and they have somehow tracked me down (albeit the address they had was spelt so wrong that it is almost unrecognisable but the letters still reached me) - shall I really worry about some scammers halfway across the globe?

    I would really appreciate for any advice on how to deal with these suckers.

    one more thing to note, isn't it co-incidental that RED COLLECTION, LOWELL FINANCIAL and HAMPTOMS LEGAL all have the same repayment hotline 08448444720??

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  •  Thu, Feb 19 2009, 6:14 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    i thought i had got rid of these ppl but i got another letter on monday ,but instead of it having RED DEBT COLLECTION SERVICES at the top of the page, its now got HAMPTON LEGAL ,should i be worried about this ???
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  •  Wed, Feb 18 2009, 7:48 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    hey thank u so very much, guy,s for responding so soon...

    i still havnt replied to their last letter which threatened of litigation and getting orders for bailliffs from the court..

    my major concern is the visa issue...if they do get into court and litigation, it might have a negative effect for my visa application...

    can any of guide me in this regard??

    by the way, for how long can i delay all this , i mean generally for how long do they pursue a case before any actual legal procedure???

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  •  Wed, Feb 18 2009, 11:13 AM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Hi Rosan

    Take no notice of these idiots, they have bought a load of debts that rarely even exist and then keep hounding people with threatening letters hoping that some will cough up some money. If the debt was really for £1300 then I doubt they would settle for £300. They sent me letters since late 2007 threatening me for over £300 from a credit card that had been paid in full over 6 years previous. I have been sending them letters just basically keeping them running in circles and trying to get a bit of humor out of them and they eventually got bored and told me that the account was no longer open.

    Whatever you do, do not give these fools the time of day. They are trying to scam money out of innocent people by threatening them with no real back up when it comes to crunch time.

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  •  Wed, Feb 18 2009, 10:59 AM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Lowell cannot send baliffs without a warrant and only a Court can issue this-unless of course any debt is for commercial rent arrears which clearly is not the case here.

    Dealing by telephone will not give you the proof that you will need should you need it later.

    Under the Civil Procedure Rules for litigation,they are required to give you all that you ask to enable you to properly defend any action.

    I suggest that you keep everything in writing.Write to them telling them that you want evidence that they are authorised to collect this alleged debt,you want copies of the notice of assignment from the original creditor,a statement showing how the balance owed is calculated,to include any charges,and interest added.

    You are making this request under CPR rules on pre action practice directions.

    Tell them that you will make the Court aware of such a request should they fail to respond,and that you will seek an order under CPR rule 31.16 for full disclosure should they litigate.

    Since you are disputing this alleged debt,they will be in breach of Office of Fair Trading guidance on debt collection should they fail to provide you with the information.

    They would also breach 2008 Unfair Consumer Terms regulations.

    By offering to make a full and final payment,you have acknowledged the debt,you should be glad they have no record of this.

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  •  Wed, Feb 18 2009, 10:38 AM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    hi everyone

    i urgently need help !!!!

    i got a letter from Lowell group claiming that i owe about £1300 to certain mobile co and they have bought my case...i did get the fone but nvr used it as it was one of my friends who got it under my name but he had to move abroad so no sevices were used...this was in 2005... the funny part is that i was not in the UK for 3 years in between....

    i ignored this first letter but few weeks later i started getting mails from red debt collection, threatening me to pay or they would send bailiffs and take legal action. after 2 letters from them, i was a little nervous and called them on the number given and proposed to settle the account for about £300 and surprisingly the exec their agreed. i told them i would pay in a month's time and even gave them my email id for future correspondence...

    however, those idiots sent another letter to me a few days back stating that 'NO CORRESSPONDENCE FROM MY SIDE HAS BEEN MADE, I CONTACT THEM IN 7 DAYS OR THEY WOULD TAKE LEGAL ACTION'

    what is the procedure after this, do they immediately go to court for settling the debt????

    the major issue here is that i am a foreign national and need to apply for visa next year, if they do litigate then it would cause problems in acceptance of my visa application...

    i am really in a fix now, the deadline expires 2 days from today ... what should i do now?????

    some one please advice ASAP

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  •  Fri, Feb 13 2009, 11:56 PM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter

    Yes you are right its coming near to limitation.

    Eversheds are Solicitors and so will be acting for one of the debt collectors.You need to find out who is authorised to attempt to collect.Only one party should be involved here-certainly not 3

    under Office of fair trading guidelines you should be entitled to know.

    Find out if the debt was assigned and who to.Ask to see some proof of this.Its easy for you to be tracked these days even if you move address-because information sharing is so rife.

    I suggest sending for a copy of your credit files-for 2 quid its worth your while.

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  •  Thu, Jan 29 2009, 12:57 AM

    Re: Red Debt Collection Service letter


    After a few weeks of correspond i decided to go the easiest way and pay the debt back.I sent them my offer ,which was 120 from 280 pounds in instalments and now i received a letter with regards to my offer requesting the payment.I'm worried because there are NO figures and no dates.How can I proof than that i will pay only this 120 as there isn't a word about it.I don't want to start paying and eventually finding that i have to pay 280.Can anyone explain me what to do in this case?thx


    I note you were the originator of this thread. !


    You should request from them that firstly they send you a formal written letter stating that the payment of £120 is being made on the condition it is accepted as a full and final settlement on the debt reference or account number.... XXXXXXX ...??? and they understand and agree that this clears the amount in full.

    Demand they send this to you first before you make any payment... preferably by cheque. Otherwise they will start claiming money again in the coming later months or years, demanding the balance of the money that is still outstanding. They will swear blind that no such agreement was ever in place or nothing is logged on their system is a favourite ploy.... then start all over again......don't give them the opportunity, get it in Black & White. !

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