Quote Me Happy Car Insurance Be Warned!!!Stay Away

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  •  Fri, Sep 21 2012, 8:31 PM

    Re: Quote Me Happy Car Insurance Be Warned!!!Stay Away

    You could contact 'Tim' the social media manager at QMH in the thread below, asking for his intervention in the interests of customer relations and as a good publicity exercise for QMH.

    He managed to easily solve the problem for the originator of this thread below, he has placed his business email address on public display, so why not try taking advantage of it by asking him to resolve this ridiculous situation for you?

    It would after all be a good result for QMH if they could show some further customer goodwill to another disgruntled customer..... such as yourself !


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  •  Thu, Sep 20 2012, 8:24 PM

    Quote Me Happy Car Insurance Be Warned!!!Stay Away

    I would like to pre warn anyone considering taking out insurance with Quote me happy. I have recently taken out insurance with this New Company and have had nothing but regrets since.

    I decided to take this policy up with Quote me happy as there prices were coming back considerably cheaper then all other insurance companys. I have four years no claims bonuses and recently have been hit in the rear by a van. I reported this to Quote me happy who said no problem we will refer you to drive assist who will chase the liability for you and deal with the claim.

    I was very confused at this and questioned why drive assist are dealing with my claim and not them. They advised that Drive assist were a non fault company who they refer there insured to.

    Since then i have had nothing but problems....

    I have had to keep a diary log of how many times a day whilst i am working i have had to contact my insurance to find answers as to what is happening with my claim. I have had the same response day in day out that they are awaiting liability. So i decided to do some digging myself. I called the other partys insurance myself to ask why it had taken over 5 weeks to sort out what was a straight forwarded hit in the rear. There response was that my insurance had sent all the details to a completely different branch and it had taken them 3 weeks to have these details sent to the correct branch. I was not made aware of this by my insurance and had no phone call to tell me this.

    Then whilst i am still MYSELF chasing liability and doing all the administration work i had a call from quote me happy saying they was going to terminate my Insurance unless i sent them a copy of my v5 and a copy of my finance agreement on my vehicle. When i asked what this was for they would not tell me and said they do not insure business finance customers. I advised them that i was not a business finance customer with my car company and had personal finance on my vehicle . Also they advised that they had contacted Ford Finance who had said the vehicle was not registered to me . When i called Ford Finance to question why they had said this they had advised they had not atall said this and that they explained to Quote me Happy that they would not discuss my Finance agreement with them.

    I then questioned My insurance as to why they had lied and what this was all about which the only response i have had is that they require all my documents of how much i pay for my finance a month,proof of what finance arrangement i have and my v5, they also requested my bank account details that i paid for my insurance with to check if it was a business account or personal account which i advised i would not scan and send such details by email to them.

    I have since had a call from Drive Assist to advice that Quote me Happy have put my claim on hold untill i give these details to them. Now i have a personal finance called a baloon payment and my v5 is registered in my name. I have never ever had such problems with an insurance company before and have been reduced to exhaustion and tears because of the way this insurance company have treated me after i have just paid hundreds of pounds to be insured with them.

    There is nothing happy about this company after they take your money and then accuse you of being dishonest and threaten to terminate your insurance without explaining themselves. They also expect you to do all the administration yourself and are very intimidating.

    Please note they do not ask for any information regarding how you pay for your vehicle when you are doing an online quote all they ask is what the vehicle is worth.

    Ford Finance have also advised they have never had such a phone call from an insurance company before asking such questions when the vehicle is not a total loss.

    Please do not be fooled by the cheap price they quote as they will not work for any money you pay and will leave you hopeless and doing all the administration yourself. All they are interested in is refering you to other companys for there own financial gain.

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