Pure Insurance Co.

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  •  Tue, Jun 02 2009, 1:33 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    I cant believe you put that up and wasted your time, i speaking from experience and started out with call centres and direct sales no all the rubbish people think, these small companies are started by ex sales people "wideboys with there big ties" who think they can do it better than the big boys, yes some are succesful. But compliance is compramised due to there wideboy attitude. in pures case they could not make it work and were in it for the quick buck. I am Glad you took your experience from it and have convinced others that your are a better sales person for it. Stick with the big companies at least you know your covered there. As for them putting the phone down reflect on there training does it not. Just because your new doesnt make you put the phone down, also if they are new but are sales people they would no not to do it. thus again questioning there recruitment process.
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  •  Sun, Apr 05 2009, 2:57 AM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    When you pointed out your husband is a professional wrestler and would not be covered under some or all of the sections of the policy the person you spoke to should have allowed you to cancel the policy as the policy is not suitable for him.

    The whole point of the FSA is to protect the consumer and for the company selling the product to do there best to ensure the policy they sell is suitable. They should also treat the customer fairly under the Financial Services Authorities "Treating Customers Fairly" regulations.

    If you have problems getting your money back give the FSA a call as they will be interested in the matter.

    For the record the Travel Policy they sell is not particularly wide cover

    Like many of the previous posters I would recommend if you want any type of Insurance Policy don't be pressurised into buying on the phone. If you think the cover is a good idea, take their number, do some research on the internet etc, read the small print and then select the policy that is most suitable for you from your research. Insurance is like most other products you buy (But can be far more important if you ever need to make a big claim) in that you often get what you pay for. So don't buy on price alone, look at the cover and the service of the company and make an informed decision.

    P.S Judging how they get their data to ring people eg comparison sites and websites, the bloke in Bedord whose tele number in 01234 567890 must get loads of calls from pure asking for Mr J Bloggs / Mr M Mouse etc etc

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  •  Fri, Dec 05 2008, 4:05 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    Been a while since this forum was posted on but I felt I had to add my 2 cents :-)

    My partner is a wrestler and he was looking for suitable medical insurance. I think he must've filled out an online form or something because this Pure place contacted us. They gave us the usual spiel of first 3 months free. I wasn't convinced so I asked them to send us all the relevant paperwork, which they did. Fair play to them for that, at least.

    I looked through the T&C and saw that competitive sports (ie wrestling) wouldn't be covered so any policy with them would be useless to my partner. I therefore called them to inform them we wouldn't want the policy. They said 'well you get the first 3 months free anyway, so you may as well have that'. I refused but the lady on the phone was persuasive, so I gave in with the condition that the policy would be cancelled after the 3 months.

    3 months went by, and the documents for a full policy arrived. I didn't sign anything, nor send anything back, I merely called them again to say I didn't want the policy. They were fine, and said they woudn't trouble us further.

    The next month, I noticed they'd taken out £5.99 from my bank! Yes, stupidly, my partner had given them our account details...I promptly cancelled the DD and they've tried taking out the same amount every month since, accompanied by letters/phone calls demanding payment. I have told them to only correspond in writing and have yet to hear anything this month.

    But I would say, NEVER give a company like this your bank details!

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  •  Thu, Oct 02 2008, 2:11 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    I read about complaints here about a small, start-up company ( I say start up, but it has grown quite a bit in the last year or two ) and I also read complaints about the people who work there.

    It goes without saying that in the town where the company is situated you would be hard pushed to find a suitable job or somewhere that isn't a call centre, and many of the people I know who work there are lovely people. Having worked on the phones myself I can honestly say it isn't the easiest of jobs, but you come across some diamonds - people who will chat to you, people who are looking for what you offer and people who will buy.

    These people rarely post in forums.

    Whilst I appreciate cold calling is intrusive, may I point out that smaller companies would often never have a chance if iit wasn't for such action. Eventually a company reaches a point where cold calling becomes incoming calls.

    The company itself did let me go after a month, but I moved on with the experience on the phone to be an excellent seller in another company - the company DOES turn around a lot of staff, and many people are bitter about it. The funny thing is people these days forget that business's aren't designed to lose money on staff that do not perform. Going back to a previous post by lostemployee - Considering others around you are still working there and selling, the training obviously didn't benefit YOU.

    The products and services have grown since I worked there and appear to be better too.

    I encourage people to be more sympathetic to the sales people just doing their jobs, be polite and ask to be taken off the records.

    Having worked with DATA also I can categorically say that it is never 100% accurate - EVER!!! And so you may be called even if YOUR details weren't supposed to be out there! The sales person never really knows the true source either, and to be honest it's hardly worth finding out.

    The bank details part as well... the British public do not trust. I wont comment on these because I know through experience people feel way too strongly about this subject. I personally ignore what the media says and know where my details are going, and what is safe and what is not. The word 'stigma' comes to mind.

    As for the people hanging up and the bad experiences you get... it may be that they are new and panic!?

    Trust me, knowing what the public think of cold calling means that you tremble before making that first phonecall.

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  •  Mon, Apr 07 2008, 4:50 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    I did a search for travel insurance and found Pure insurance in 1 of the sponsored links I purchased a travel insurance policy from their website last thursday and ive received excellent customer service!
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  •  Mon, Apr 07 2008, 4:33 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    Hi there, I am a old customer of Pure's and i just thought i would let you know that the Pure Insurance website is now working. I stumbled across it today when i was searching for Travel Insurance on Google.
    I must say the Travel Insurance policy is quite cheap, i'm going on a late deal to to Spain next week and they quoted me £4.34 for Insurance bargain!

    Moderator - Link removed in line with MS terms of service.

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  •  Thu, Jan 31 2008, 10:48 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    Gosh I started something here all those months ago.......lol.If you do a google search on Pure insurance you get a stream of complaints about them.I did warn them to get their act in order very quickly or their business would suffer.Still no website,still doing unwanted cold calling or 'courtesy' as they call it......lol.

    There's certainly nothing better to get my back up than an unsolicited call by phone or at my door.Ouch!!

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  •  Thu, Jan 31 2008, 9:18 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    AuntieGonistic! Fantastic post! I think it may have been someone doing online quotes and instead of putting their number in, they have randomly picked other numbers so they don't get called. Unfortunately this means you do! It's not right, and the company in question are absolutely rubbish at pretty much everything. In fact, I'm suprised they are still running. I've placed a virtual bet on how long it is before they are rubbished and deplete. The countdown is on.

    PS. You have to post some more on here! There are far too many brown-nosers posting for brownie points, and not to help those in need! Come back soon!

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  •  Thu, Jan 31 2008, 2:20 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    I've been called by this company this morning. And I have to say, I'm not impressed.

    They are calling for somebody who doesn't exist, but who has received more than 50 calls on my number from insurance companies in the past two weeks.

    "Do you want us to delete your number?" Do they really need to ask? Having been told that the person doesn't exist the law REQUIRES them to delete the number as the DPA requires them only to keep accurate data. Further the Privacy and Electronic Communication (EC Directive) Regulations REQUIRES them not to call numbers registered with the TPS.

    In trying to get details from this company about WHO is passing these false details on so I can ask the source to delete the details I am met with nothing but abuse. I can't follow MY complaints process I have to follow THIER complaints process. Er, Sorry, But no. If I have a complaint I follow my procedures. If they have a complaint they can follow theirs. The only time a company can insist I follow their complaints procedures is when I have agreed with that company's terms and conditions. In this case I've agreed nothing whatsoever with the company and therefore they can't dictate anything to me.

    And just why do company's hide behind "customer services managers" who don't know the first thing about customer services? I've now obtained the director's home addresses from Companies' House and will be contacting them at their home. And Why? Because the company doesn't have a competent complaints system.

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  •  Thu, Jan 24 2008, 11:44 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    Oh that website has been under construction for about a year.

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  •  Thu, Jan 24 2008, 11:34 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

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  •  Thu, Jan 24 2008, 10:17 AM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    What a brilliant reply! It seems that the employee is dumb-struck due to the line of questioning they are confronted with. A company's website speaks worlds about the business itself, the staff, the productivity, client interest etc. How on Earth they have 'Under Construction' whilst still trading is beyond me. This company is starting to remind me of 118Trades (for those of you that don't know about this case, Google their demise!)
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  •  Thu, Jan 24 2008, 9:56 AM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    <span>I can tell you that everything we do at pure is legit</span>

    Oh really? So what makes you think that ringing me in the middle of the day, completely cold, is legit... particularly when my number is registered with the TPS and you *know* you have to check those lists?

    <span style="color:#ff00cc;">It is not cold calling at all, we ring you because you have recently taken out a quote for your car online therefore allowing us to contact you about our offer which alot of people find very beneficial.</span>

    That's complete nonsense. You ring people because you have bought a list from somewhere else. Without fail, when looking for information online I always request that my details are not passed on to anyone else, for the very reason that I know companies like Pure are out there and ready to try and take advantage. If I want a 'Pure' insurance policy, I'll go to your web site and ask for one. Oh, I can't...

    Everything about the phone call from Pure smacks of cheap, unsubstantiated and ineffective. There are posts on this thread saying how good you are at taking money and sending out policy documents. Great. How good are you at paying out when there is a genuine claim?

    There is nothing professional about cold calling. It is desperation, IMO. Your website under construction? Who are your underwriters and why are you so slow to create a credible online presence? I have no confidence in you or your company, and I would advise others to leave you well alone.

    And don't ring me again.

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  •  Wed, Jan 16 2008, 8:29 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    With respect, the company cannot be that good. The website says it will be up and running by December 2007. Any serious company would not have a live website 'Under Construction'. Time costs money in business, and the Director's clearly haven't got something quite right.

    In regard to your statement of giving away 'FREE period of our insurances', this is technically untrue. An insurance premium must be paid by a customer for the contract to exist. The only time this is not applicable is buying a new car with this included. This, usually, is worked out in the price and technically this has already been paid for. No company gives free insurance periods, ever! Please come back and clarify..

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  •  Wed, Jan 16 2008, 2:09 PM

    Re: Pure Insurance Marketing Limited

    <span>I currently work at Pure insurance in Bridgend located in S.Wales. I am a tele sales advisor and I can tell you that everything we do at pure is legit and totally supported by the financial services authority and the data protection act. Our website is under construction as we are a very new company, and has only been running about 7 months. </span>

    <span>So everything is pretty new. Yes we do give a FREE period of our insurances, many of you say that we are misleading. It is not cold calling at all, we ring you because you have recently taken out a quote for your car online therefore allowing us to contact you about our offer which alot of people find very beneficial.</span>

    Any problems or questions the customer service number is on the website.

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