Problem with hastings direct.

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  •  Thu, Jun 21 2012, 7:50 AM

    Re: Problem with hastings direct.

    Depends on how much damage there is to the car. Either pay to repair it yourself or go through the Insurance.

    In these circumstances, as you say, there is probably no point trying to claim off the mother of the child or grandparents who were looking after the 13 year old. Even if they had Household Insurance liability cover and you had the details of this, I could not see the Insurers willingly admitting liability.

    I think you need to put this down as an unlucky costly experience and move on. Otherwise, this could drag on for many months and I am not sure that would do you any good.

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  •  Wed, Jun 20 2012, 9:07 PM

    Re: Problem with hastings direct.

    Thanks for your reply.

    The police told me i was well within my rights to go to the grandparents house and ask for possible payment as they were recorded as his keepers.

    it turned nasty,the grandfather accused me of trying to extort money from them.

    the grandmother then came to my door and told me that her husband had heart complaint and to stop coming to them for money.

    she then gave me address of the childs mother,told me to try her as they had nothing and they were not responsible for him other than through the day,mind youi must add the 13 year old did apologise.

    her son was the 13 yr olds father and she es tried to divert me from them to his mother and away from her son who is his dad.

    they are low lives and have no intentions of paying at all.

    her last words to me were "thats what you pay car insurance for get it done through the insurance company".

    its not even worth going to all the hassle of writing to mother,or small claims they will just claim poverty,whats the point?

    hastings told me not to bother parents or grandparents anymore as i could get myself into trouble and that they would deal with it for me.

    im still left with damage and a fault on my insurance which im being penalised for till august,they said they would recalculate,then,but as ive said,if being penalised now,shall i go ahead and make claim,but i want to know how that will affect premium,they are sick of me and have told me to go to ombudsmen,they obviously know they have done everything correctly.

    this child will not make a claim for injuries now,he knows hes at fault,so do his grandparents,they wont do it as they know the trouble theyve caused.

    whats that e mail addy you have given me for.

    wish i knew what to do for the best!!

    i pay for legal assistance and they are no help at all

    can anyone give me some advice please!!!!
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  •  Sun, Jun 17 2012, 3:22 PM

    Re: Problem with hastings direct.

    Have you posted elsewhere as I recognise this.

    Suggest that you contact the Hastings Direct web team.

    Email the following address


    As far as I can see, you are stitched up. The claim will stay on your policy, as a fault claim, until Hastings are satisfied no claim will be made by the third party. If you have damage to your car, you may as well claim, as I can't see Hastings removing the fault status of the claim. Fault does not mean that you were at fault, just that a payout has or could be made.

    If you are certain the cyclist was at fault, if you have their address, you could write to their parent/guardian advising them of the situation, asking for their Home Insurance details, as you are looking to claim for liability in relation to their child hitting your car. Under the parents/guardians Home Insurance, they should have cover for liability for such accidents as their 13 year old causing damage to a third parties car. If their Home Insurers won't play ball, then you could look to issue a court claim against the 13 year old, jointly with their parent/guardian. It then brings the matter to a swifter conclusion, than waiting, to see if they will make the claim and you paying a higher premium while you are waiting. If you manage to gain acceptance of liability in respect of the 13 year old and receive payment for the claim or excess, then Hastings should change to non fault, if they can make any recovery for any outlay they make, if you claimed from them.

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  •  Sun, Jun 17 2012, 12:54 PM

    Problem with hastings direct.

    can someone advise me please on this problem.

    a 13 yr old child hit my car in august last year.

    hastings have kept file open incase child makes claim against me for criminal injuries.

    i tried to leave hastings but could not because of the extra cost to my premium because of this problem.

    i have now renewed with them and its aggravating me as to wether or not to make a claim and get these damages paid for through my insurance.

    as file is still open its classed as a fault,so im thinking if im being penalised then why dont i just make a claim anyway.

    ive asked hastings what the extra cost to my premium would be if i make this claim,bearing in mind i have max ncd.

    my excess if i have this correct is 0 and comp excess is £95.00.

    i keep asking hastings for answers and this is the reply they have given me,they refuse to speak to me and have said if im unhappy to go to ombudsmen................

    "Mr Kirsopp had the misfortune to be involved in a collision with a cyclist. Mr Kirsopp considers the cyclist to be at fault but as TP was a minor and circumstances could be interpreted by a Court to show PH had some liability we could have some exposure. TSUNIT will leave claim open at least until anniversary of incident (August).

    IF TP has not made a claim by then it will be closed as Non- Fault and PH could ask U/W to recalculate the premium.

    IF TP claims and we have an outlay then claim will be closed as fault and premium will remain as it is.

    IF ph wants his vehicle repaired under this claim he will have to pay xs and the claim will stay as fault even the TP does not claim as we will be unable to recover our outlay from a minor.

    In Mr Kirsopp’s position I would repair the car myself as cheaply as possible – keep the repair documents and IF there is a successful TP claim submit them to us for reimbursement as at that point it would not further prejudice his position.

    I hope that the above resolves your complaint"

    can anyone with insurance knowledge advise me what to do please.

    Do I just leave it and get my repair done privately,or do i make a claim and incur a higher premium.

    i feel i cant get the answers i want from them.

    how long does fault stay on insurance?

    how long will i be penalised for?

    how long is it before i wont be able to make a complaint.

    i do want a clean bill of health as it were with my insurance,just feel very frustrated with this company,i mean are they doing everything correctly.

    would really welcome some sound advice so that i can move on.

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