Policies via BISL Ltd

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  •  Fri, Mar 19 2010, 1:43 PM

    Re: Policies via BISL Ltd

    I have found BISL on my bank statement, and it relates to my car insurance with RAC, they must be using BISL to take the payments.
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  •  Wed, Jan 27 2010, 2:44 PM

    Re: Policies via BISL Ltd

    As I had sold my car, I recently phoned to cancel my Post Office insurance policy - with six months left on it. I asked for a refund. They told me that with the early cancellation and admin fees that no refund was due! I told them that they were crooks and they said that all insurance companies did this. I told them that that didn't make it right, and also that they were wrong - other insurance companies I have dealt with WILL refund unused months on cancellation. I shall never buy anything from the Post Office again - except stamps!
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  •  Fri, Feb 29 2008, 11:20 AM

    Re: Policies via BISL Ltd

    I actually just posted this to some-asking about renewing a policy on another post about 25 minutes ago!!

    "make sure you actually read the small print of any insurance that you take out. I have just spent the last 45 minutes trying to get through to my insurance company. I tried to make a claim last year in october as when the heavy rain was falling it managed to seep through my roof and did a lot of damage to my ceilings ( as they are just plasterboard). They decided that it wasn't storm damage and it was wear and tear! They refused my claim for the roof and also the damage inside. Some-one told me that I should at least try to claim for the accidental damaged caused by the leak (which amount to about £1000).

    They have now told me that there is a clause in my accidental insurance that says that <u>contents are not covered if it is caused by water seeping into the building!!.</u> I wouldn't mind but i have had building and contents insurance for the last 35 years and I have never made a claim from any company!

    So please be careful and do read the small print&quot;

    Funny enough the company was BISL Ltd bought through the Post Office!! My renewal is up on the 8th March. After they refused to pay my claim I told them to cancel my renewal. She said she couldn't and that I would have to ring the Post Office again. So I rang and told them to cancel my renewal and that if they must not take the money from my debit card.

    So we will see what happens next!

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  •  Fri, Feb 29 2008, 11:02 AM

    Re: Policies via BISL Ltd

    I had a policy with them and when I got the renewal notice it coincided with me getting a new car. They were not competitive so I asked them to cancel the policy with a few days to go on it. They wanted to charge me a cancellation fee. Naturally I told them that they could stuff that and I'd just let it run out. I told them that on no account were they to renew it and they assured me they wouldn't.

    Low and behold a few days after the expiry of the old policy I recieved a letter, together with a new cert of insurance, stating that I had agreed to the renewal and that they had deducted the premium from my credit card.

    I called them and, even when they finally agreed that I had told them to cancel the policy, they still said that they would have to charge a cancellation fee as it was &quot;the law&quot;. It was only when I threatened them with the FSA that they had a change of heart. Finally they tried to put the knife in again by insisting that I posted the certificate back to them at my expense because &quot;it was the law&quot;. I refused and they finally agreed to send me a pre paid envelope.

    I'm not holding my breath................

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  •  Fri, Jan 11 2008, 6:13 PM

    Re: Policies via BISL Ltd

    If the customer in question can prove they have asked for the policy not be renewed than any outstanding balance after cancelation is not payabale.

    What the company is doing is only legal if the customer doesnt ring up and say i dont want to renew,most insurance companys do this now and state it quite clearly in proposal forms that customers sign and in statement of insurances that customers have the option of querying if they write or ring in.

    Dealing direct,it has its pros and cons but i used to work for a broker that often got better rates from the insurers than you would do if you went to them directly.

    Why say obviously through MSM,the comparison site is not the only good site for insurance.

    There are plenty like confused.com ,go compare and others which can get you good rates from that dont usually change when you take up the policy.

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  •  Fri, Jan 11 2008, 10:10 AM

    Policies via BISL Ltd

    Should you take out a car policy with the above who handle Post Office Insce as well as Yes plus others beware at renewal as they will use your card to automatically renew your policy apparantly even if you have asked for this not to be done. Further they will try to charge you a time on risk fee which you should not pay.

    A further expense to consider at outset -if you are likely to want any changes to your policy during the year their fees are quite high and it may be that dealing direct with an Insurance Company is the best option but obviously through Moneysupermarket

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