Plusnet can they do this?

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  •  Mon, Jan 13 2014, 10:37 AM

    Re: Plusnet can they do this?

    I see that Matt has picked this up from your thread on our Community forum and replied over there.

    Here's his reply:

    Hi ivesy,

    I'm afraid as per the notes on your account we've listened to the call and fibre was never offered or discussed at the £11.99 price you mention. Sorry you're thinking of leaving over this, but I'm not sure what further we can add at the moment aside from we'd be happy to offer you the price of £15.99 that was mentioned on the call once fibre is available to you?

    Unless the call discussing fibre wasn't the one from the 9th, in which case if you let us know the date and time of the call and the number you called in from we'll get that one listened to and confirm what happened?

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  •  Sun, Jan 12 2014, 9:26 PM

    Re: Plusnet can they do this?

    Make a formal complaint to them and use the relevant ombudsman
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  •  Sun, Jan 12 2014, 5:28 PM

    Plusnet can they do this?

    As my 12 months are up in February I rang to if they could do an offer that was as good as the Talk Talk (TT) one I had seen.

    Line rental £15.40

    Calls £5.50

    Broadband £2.50


    Fibre broad band £10 extra (when it's available in my area)

    Total £33.40 per month

    I was then offered what I thought from Plusnet

    Line Rental £14.99

    Calls £4.50

    Broad band £2.50


    Fibre Broad band (unlimited) at £11.99.

    Total £33.98

    We agreed that basically I would be paying about the same price as TT. So believing once Fibre is available I would be paying this price I went ahead and thought once my 12 months were up my new contract would kick in....

    When I hung up I told the wife what I'd agreed. She thought the broadband (BB) offer seemed quite generous considering it's available for £19.99 on the site. She suggested I get back in touch to have this confirmed. At this stage I thought well if this is a mistake I'll just go to TT....

    So i sent a message through the Plusnet site and waited a couple of days for an answer. Eventually I got a reply which said fibre BB was available for £15.99 (limit) or £19.99 (unlimited) only and that I would have to ring the retention people to have this offer confirmed. I also thought it was strange I still hadn't (and as I type this nearly a week on still waiting) received the email confirming the package I was going to be on but the I also assumed since it would be February when my year was up then I would get the email then.

    So I rang customer services on Friday gone and spoke (as usual) to a very polite gentleman who seemed genuine and was eager to help. He said a manager would need to listen to the original call as he hadn't heard of such an offer. I said if this was the case then I'd just go to TT it was because of the customer service (ha ha!) issues I'd heard about them that made me want to stay put.

    He said I could expect a call back between 9-11 on the Saturday I told him they could have extra time to do this as I was at work til 3pm so we agreed that I'd get a call back at 4pm.

    4pm came and went so around 4.40pm I rang to be told nobody had bothered to listen to the call or even bothered to ring me to explain why they hadn't. I got the distinct impression the person had no idea why i had called. I wasn't happy so the gentleman and promised he would listen to the call and ring me back before he went home.

    I got a call back from another person at around 5.15 and was told I was completely wrong! I had never been been offered fibre BB at £11.99 unlimited as this was unheard of!

    No I was told I would pay £11 extra if I rang when fibre was available but that would be with my original BB cost being £4.99 (I could lose the plot here because I'm still not sure what they meant) and this would be at that price for four months (possibly six) then going to full price after that. Ok I said I may have misunderstood that but all I heard was I'd pay £11.99 (or £11 now?) on top of the new package (£21.99) making £33.98.

    Even during the original call I was confused and twice asked for confirmation that once I rang to add fibre BB I would more or less (TT £33.40 P/N £33.98) be paying the same for the same package as TT? Yes I was told so I went ahead.

    When I mentioned this a few times to the bloke who rang me yesterday (as he'd obviously heard it as well) he went quiet and kept referring me to this £11 offer for 4 or 6 moths etc.

    But my beef here is I was confused and when I asked for confirmation I was left in no doubt I'd pay like for like with TT.

    I then asked to cancel my contract but was told the new one had gone through on the 6th January and I would have received an email (still haven't got it) this was also news to me as I though I still had a month of the old contract. I would have to pay about £170!!!!!

    I know the monthly amount isn't a fortune but it's more of a principle thing here. I feel I have been misled into buying a package that is NOT the same price (or there about) to TT. If this was not the case when I rang I would have cancelled during my original call and gone to TT end of story.

    And for a company who say they will do me proud etc well these are just marketing words and don't seem to have any substance behind them I feel more or a fool for telling people I know about the virtues of this 'Yorkshire' company with 'values' etc

    I have a feeling the cooling off period of 14 days does not apply here as my contract was ended on the the 6th then a new one took it's place? I hope I'm wrong but either way I think I have grounds for complaint and for either to be allowed to leave or have the deal I thought I was promised.

    Sorry for the long post but I'd really appreciate any help or advice here.

    Thank you

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