Paratus AMC (GMAC) Sold my mortgage

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  •  Wed, Oct 10 2012, 2:17 PM

    Re: Paratus AMC (GMAC) Sold my mortgage

    If you did miss some payments and this has been correctly recorded then it is likely to stay on your credit file until it is six years old.

    If you have one mortgage and your credit file says that you have two currently outstanding mortgages, then you can get this corrected if you wish. You should first ask the lender concerned and then, if they don't put things right, you can put the case to the credit reference agencies. It's not impossible that asking for the error to be corrected could lead to the correct entry about the missed payments being removed but you should not ask for this and, if it happens, it will be purely luck.

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  •  Wed, Oct 10 2012, 10:20 AM

    Paratus AMC (GMAC) Sold my mortgage

    Any help on where I stand here please would be much appreciated.

    I took out a mortgage with GMAC on 19/09/07.

    26/09/10 GMAC, Taken over my Paratus AMC sold my mortgage to Mortgage Agency Services No5 (MAS5) They transfered the start date and all the credit history. So the MAS5 credit account shows a start date of 19/09/07.

    However Paratus AMC have never removed their old record, so it has shown all this time that I have two mortgages when i only applied for one. On occasions right at the start in 2007 / 8 there was a couple of one month missed payments.

    These missed payments are now off the MAS5 credit record, but still show on the Paratus AMC record. Paratus AMC say they should still keep their record on my file, this doesn't make sense to me and has been affecting me getting credit all this time until I have just discovered it.

    Any advice on where I stand?

    These financial institution are a law to themselves.
    best wishes
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