Orange Broadband: 14 Day Cancellation Period? Please Help!

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  •  Fri, Nov 23 2007, 2:21 PM

    Re: Orange Broadband: 14 Day Cancellation Period? Please Help!

    Hello Ihateorange,

    The cooling off period for broadband is not 14 days however regardless of the time the cooling off period ends before the go live date.
    Unless the supplier stated you can have a trial (such as TalkTalk's 30 day) every broadband supplier's cooling off ends on the go live date.

    Cancelling the direct debit won't result in a mark against you right away however this does nothing but prevent the supplier from collecting the money right away and cause admin charges. Once the amount owed reaches a certain level it will be passed to a collection agency that won't care why but just want to collect the monies.

    conmankiller is on the right lines, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for clarification on your contractual status this would be the best step forward.

    Kind Regards and Good Luck,

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  •  Thu, Nov 22 2007, 8:51 PM

    Re: Orange Broadband: 14 Day Cancellation Period? Please Help!

    Hi -- Cancelling a DD is not advisable or wise, while you are under a contract as it places you in breach of that contract,

    However in your case you are not under a contract as you have legally terminated the contract as per your right under the cooling off period, therefore they are not entitled to charge you at all.

    So in your case it will be a wise precaution, to ensure that if they do try and deduct wrongful payment they will not be allowed by your bank, otherwise it would leave you having to chase the return of your money, which is always harder once they have possession, they never rush to pay it back.

    If they try to financially penalise you or add a default of any kind, that action would be deemed as unlawful if it ever ended up in front of a court, and they know that. !!!

    As always, keep all copies of documents.

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  •  Thu, Nov 22 2007, 7:47 PM

    Re: Orange Broadband: 14 Day Cancellation Period? Please Help!

    Thanks! This is very useful information. I have already sent tOrange a letter by recorded delivery stating that the mobile department mis-sold me the product by stating there was a cooling off period, which Orange Broadband is now reneging on. I also mentioned my statutory rights, quoting 14 days instead of 10 day. But in any case, I've only had the product active for 5 days!! This should be within any conceivable definition of a cool-off period.

    However, I have been getting mixed advice on Canceling the Direct Debit. I have read in some of the other postings that canceling the DD can severely affect my credit history and large add administration charges on top of whatever they decide to charge me. Any thoughts?

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  •  Thu, Nov 22 2007, 3:11 PM

    Re: Orange Broadband: 14 Day Cancellation Period? Please Help!

    Hi --- It's actually 10 days statutory coooling off period for broadband or other telecoms services, what Orange are telling you is misleading and incorrect and indeed the cotract should state your cooling off rights in the small print.

    Cancel by telephoning them whether they like it or not, stating you are cancelling the contract in accordance with your cooling off 10 days statutory legal rights, then send confirmation by written letter Recorded delivery to them all dated correctly.

    I enclose link from the CAB that confirms what your cooling off rights are, this varies according to the type of goods or services purchased, but broadband is 10 days. Cancel it now if you like, the sooner the better along with your direct debit.!!!

    Scroll down to the table on page 3


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  •  Thu, Nov 22 2007, 11:21 AM

    Orange Broadband: 14 Day Cancellation Period? Please Help!

    I'm having problems getting out of my Orange Broadband contract after just 5 days of installation. I have been told that you can return any product in the UK from 14 days of purchase. I need some help. These are the facts:

    1. ORANGE MOBILE: I am already an Orange mobile customer. I just renewed my orange mobile contract and when I did this, Orange mobile offered me over the phone a broadband plan for 10 GBP per month for an 18 month contract. When I got my phone they said there was a 7 day cool off period, where if I was not satisfied with the level of service for any reason, I could return it.

    2. THE BROADBAND ACTIVATION: On Nov 16th , my broadband service was activated and after a difficult installation process I came to the realization that the broadband connection is awful. It disconnects constantly and it is very slow. In addition, they system can only be used with the Orange software which is less advanced the the intel wireless software on my comptuter and it does not work on my flatmate's Apple Mac. To add insult to injury, technical support costs 0.50p per minute if you ever need to use them. So, I decided on Nov 21st to return the service since its (pardon my french) very crappy and not even worth the 10 GBP per month.

    3. ORANGE's RESPONSE: Orange Broadband has been very unhelpful. They say that there is no cooling off period for broadband and that after the serivce has started it cant be returned without paying the entire contract. What's more, if I do return the service they will charge me 390 GBP since I would not get the discount of being an existing orange mobile customer in advance.

    4. MY THOUGHTS: I think this has to be illegal. I have been told that by customer statute laws, I can return anything in the UK within 14 days of purchase if I am not satisfied with the product. How is it possible that I cannot cancel a broadband contract 5 days after it has started if I am not satified?

    5. MY ACTION PLAN: I am considering the following steps: a. Sending them a written notice stating that I want to cancel my service starting immediatly. b. Cancelling my direct debit with them. c. Logging a complaint with Ofcom.


    A. I am right in thinking that I can return the service within 14 days of purchase or activation?

    B. Should I cancel my direct debit?

    PLEASE ADVICE!!! (and time is ticking on this one)



    PS: I strongly advice against Orange Broadband. I currently use my neighbors unlocked wireless BT Broadband and it works much, much better!!

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