New investor help - vanguard LifeStrategy fund with a possible 2015 crash.

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  •  Mon, Jan 12 2015, 8:00 AM

    New investor help - vanguard LifeStrategy fund with a possible 2015 crash.

    I am 32, and have £12,000 savings to invest with in my ISA wrapped Stocks and shares account.

    I have been reading more into 'passive index funds' as my life is busy and I do not have the time or actual stomach to manage my own stocks right now. I would like to store it away in funds and leave it be to grow.

    I did some research into Vanguard index funds, the Vanguard US site is different to UK and in my broker platform (iWeb share dealing) the option to invest into the US lifestrategy funds are not allowed.

    1) Due to this, I was considering the LifeStrategy funds offered from their UK site - the 80% equities fund. Has anyone within the UK invested in the US lifestrategy funds and why would you not invest in the UK ones instead? they still allocate a percentage of the funds to US indexes.

    Here are the UK offered ones:

    2) I am reading an awful lot about the worst crash in a long time due for 2015.
    So I am thinking is it worth investing now, or simply waiting until later in the year as if it does crash as the world is screaming, then I would be investing into the funds at a much cheaper price than now, and would not see my investment plummit so hard and give me a heart attack.

    3) Would I be best to invest as one lump sum now, or use the 15k to invest say, 1k a month over 15 months? what would experts advise in my situation?

    Thank you for the help....
    I am new to investing, I just know I need to start in life!. I am also a little worried about the many crash stories emerging so obviously as a first time investor it would be harder to handle seeing my new investment suddenly be wiped in half over the next 12 months. I realise nobody can predict the future and may not happen, but there are just too many cries of a crash now that is hard to ignore.
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