National Trust Green Energy Fund by Npower

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  •  Thu, Jul 26 2012, 10:04 PM

    Re: National Trust Green Energy Fund by Npower

    In reality these 'Green' schemes usually are more expensive when it comes to the price of a unit. They are more of a conscience thing to lull you into thinking you are really doing your bit for the environment.

    Then along comes a big anti-social chartered special airliner with four jet engines spewing it's carbon into the atmosphere and affecting the environment and ozone layer, just to deliver an Olympic flame (of all things) all the way from Greece......hardly seems like all the others are taking this issue seriously......does it?

    If your main intention is to save yourself some cash, then simply buy the cheapest tariff to suit your lifestyle. The gas and electricity is all delivered through the same pipes or cables irrespective of tariffs !

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  •  Mon, Apr 02 2012, 7:31 PM

    National Trust Green Energy Fund by Npower


    I have just bought a new build property and would like to switch my gas and electric from my current supplier, British Gas, as I desperately need to save the pennies and I don't believe my current tariff is the one for me.

    I compared the prices for these and National Trust Green Energy came up as saving me a lot of money. Not saving me the most, but nearly. I liked the sound of it, I am a national trust member and I believe in renewable energy.
    However, when I read more about the tariff it said that this initiative was backed by Npower. I have heard so many bad stories about Npower and it has made me question the tariff, I am trying to save money and don't want to end up in massive amounts of debts with these so called 'mistakes in billing'.

    Does anyone have any experience with the National Trust Green Energy Fund and any reviews or feedback they could give me or tell me if they are any different to the main company?

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