MOT expired-is car insurance valid?

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  •  Mon, Jul 13 2009, 6:05 PM

    Re: MOT expired-is car insurance valid?


    The wording in bold below is from the Churchill policy general conditions page 15.

    1 Your duty
    We will only provide the cover set out in this policy if you keep to all the terms and conditions of the policy.

    6 Taking care of your vehicle
    You must:
    make sure your vehicle is roadworthy;
    take all reasonable steps to protect your vehicle and its contents from loss or damage;
    make sure you keep property left in an open or convertible car in a locked boot or locked glove compartment; and allow us to examine your vehicle at any reasonable time if we ask you.

    Churchill should accept your explanation as to why the vehicle had no MOT at the time of the theft. Usually Insurers will only decline a claim if the breach of policy condition was relevant to the loss event. If the car was securely locked and keys removed at the time it was stolen from your driveway then I could see no reason for claim being declined.

    As Dacouch has commented, not having an MOT may lead Churchill to only paying the trade value. Insurers tend to uses glasses guide to assess market value but will also take into account any information you can supply them e.g. service record. See glasses guide link


    Dacouch is also right that if the car has a relatively low value, when taking into account the excess and increased premium, particularly if no claims discount is reduced, this can make it not worth claiming. It is worth looking into this, if this is relevant.

    I am sure Churchill may ask more questions due to lack of MOT. Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times, with Insurers experiencing a growing number of fraudulent claims. Don't be put off by this, just provide any information they are seeking when they request it.


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  •  Mon, Jul 13 2009, 5:29 PM

    Re: MOT expired-is car insurance valid?


    Thanks for the replies and advice. My insurance company is Churchill so would be grateful if you could check out the requirement please.

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  •  Sun, Jul 12 2009, 7:47 PM

    Re: MOT expired-is car insurance valid?

    I agree with most of the advice Huckster has given.

    There are some Insurers who specify in their policy that cover is subject to the vehicle being in a road worthy condition and having a current MOT. If you let us know who you are insured with we can check whether your company has this requirement.

    Also bear in mind that without an MOT the Insurers will ask lots and lots of extra questions as not having an MOT or the MOT being about to expire shortly raises alarm bells with Insurers as in some cases its the sign of a dodgy theft claim. So don't be surprised if your Insurers ask lots of extra questions. If its a valid claim you should have nothing to worry about as they questions are designed to weed out the dodgy claimants.

    Another thing to bear in mind is whether it is worth claiming, bear in mind your excess will be deducted from any settlement, your renewal will be loaded for having a claim and you will lose some of your no claims bonus unless you have protected no claims bonus. So if the value of the car is lowish (You will probably get somewhere near the "Trade" value if it does not have a current MOT) then it might not be worth claiming. If you run some test quotes with a theft claim and your no claims bonus reduced to 3 years if you have maximum no claims bonus (You may have more with some companies)) you can find whether its worth claiming

    The advice Huckster has given you about being honest is very good as if you lie in the claim it is very likely they will discover it and if they do there is the chance they will refuse the claim and then cancel your policy which will make it very difficult for you to get cover again.

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  •  Sun, Jul 12 2009, 6:32 PM

    Re: MOT expired-is car insurance valid?


    In regard to the claim, the MOT is not relevant to whether you can claim, but will affect the amount Insurers are willing to offer against the market value. If you had been in an accident and the Insurers found that the car was not roadworthy, that would be a different matter.

    So you should just phone your Insurers as soonn as possible to make the claim and explain what happened. If you have been given a police crime reference number, give this to your Insurers. When you phone just be honest and give the Insurers full information, that the car had been parked on the driveway for sometime due to illness, therefore did not have a current MOT.

    I am sure all will be ok.


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  •  Sun, Jul 12 2009, 5:36 PM

    MOT expired-is car insurance valid?

    My car has been stolen and set fire to (complete write off!) The car was kept off road and i want to know if my insurance is valid due to the MOT being expired? I am really concerned about claiming because of the MOT but i havent used the car for months and therefor didn't get it mot'd, that's why it was parked on the driveway. Please can someone give me some advice as i haven't reported it to the insurance company yet. I don't want to get in any trouble or anything and would rather forget about the car as i suffer with severe depression and anxiety and find it hard to cope when things like this happen.

    Any help please!!

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