Life insurance for non-UK residents

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  •  Sun, Nov 29 2009, 11:58 AM

    Re: Life insurance for non-UK residents

    Thank you very much!

    Not sure about plumbers here - one of the advantages of kiving here is that everything is very well organised and works.

    Then again - I get paid in pounds so most things are more expensive than they were a year ago but still not as expensive as London on the whole.

    Much appreciated!

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  •  Sun, Nov 29 2009, 10:03 AM

    Re: Life insurance for non-UK residents

    I suspect that your best bet would be to identify and approach an ex-pat organisation who could probably help you with this issue. This link that infringes the rules probably wont be around for too long because I haven't used any of the OP's key words.

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  •  Sun, Nov 29 2009, 6:42 AM

    Life insurance for non-UK residents

    I am a British citizen living in Japan (resident in Japan) and want to buy some life insurance.

    Most policies are for UK residents while most Japanese policies are difficult for me to understand.

    I wondered what my options are - are their any UK options or should I stick to Japanese ones?

    Also, if there are UK options, how do they compare to Japanese ones?

    Many thanks

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