Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

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  •  Thu, Aug 23 2007, 4:52 PM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    Thank you for making the effort to reply to my topic, Getalife.

    Fortunately, especially after what you've just told me, I gave eCar a miss and went to a local brokers, Sheltons, instead.

    They were excellent, very helpful and the member of staff who dealt with us obviously knew a thing or two about high performance cars too and gave good advice to our son.

    The premium was very favourable and, amazingly, there was not a lot of difference between the price for the ploddy Freelander and the somewhat more powerful Toyota Celica GT4.

    The insurer chosen was Royal and Sun Alliance. Evven after hours online I didn't find that out, but Sheltons did it almost instantly. That will teach me that the www is not the be all and end all - sometimes a face to face encounter is best.

    Thanks again for your response.


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  •  Thu, Aug 23 2007, 4:20 PM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    Hi SarahMF

    Just joined this forum so you might not be interested in my comments (your message is now 2.5 months old!).

    Anyhow, if you are still looking around or wondering about Ecar, I got a quote from them a few months ago but decided not to go with them in the end (went with http://www.swiftcover.com/ as they were cheaper and you don't have to call them up!). Had a good look around Ecar's site but thought they looked a bit tacky and also economical with the truth (they said they did everything online which they don't).

    Even worse - guess what happened after a few weeks?! I received some nasty violent emails from them about blowing things up and eating dogs!

    Hope you didn't go with them in the end...

    From Getalife

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  •  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 12:30 PM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    Hi again

    I know that it works on confused.com as we are a one-car household and did this last year. The search results will specifcally say that they couldn't get a quote for this reason.

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  •  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 12:19 PM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    The same search facility exists here - but I doubt it will help. This is too specific a situation.


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  •  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 12:14 PM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    Hi Sarah,

    Try searching on confused.com. If the insurer won't cover you due to ownership issues the quote will say so.

    Will save alot of ringing around!

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  •  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 10:06 AM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    Good morning! Thanks so much for your reply and suggestions. We'll have another think around it all today.

    Trawling the internet late last night I did come across a company called eCar Insurance, who do a monthly pay as you go policy, that you change online as and when necessary. At face value it would seem promising. They have a facility called eModification too, so it would seem that the Celica (which, as a likely import, will have some modifications) may not be a problem there. I will be investigating it further, but would be interested to hear of others experience with the company.

    Thanks again,


    ps. Our sons present company is Admiral

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  •  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 7:28 AM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    Cheers Dave, don't think even I have anything else I could add to this one :-)
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  •  Wed, Jun 06 2007, 12:18 AM

    Re: Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    The only way I can think of is by doing lots of ringing round etc. You will no doubt struggle, as very few companies will insure a vehicle when it is regisetred to somebody else (who was it by the way?)

    One option is to insure it in your or your husbands name, with your son as a named driver. He can then take out a new policy with whoever he wants when he finds the celica, using his 2 years NCD. The downside being the obvious - that he wont earn NCD during that period.

    Another option is to renew with the existing company, and then cancel when he gets the celia - again he wont get NCD (unless he takes over 12 months to find the car), and you will need to check that the charge will be pro-rata'd

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  •  Tue, Jun 05 2007, 7:12 PM

    Insuring a car that is not registered in your name

    <font color="#3300cc">Hello :o) </font>

    <font color="#3300cc">A newby here, hoping for some sanity in this world of car insurance!! </font>

    <font color="#3300cc">My son's car 'died', just as we were about to sell our Freelander. So, being the kind, generous and caring parents that we are (!) we are allowing him to use the car instead of selling it, until such time as he can get himself a replacement. He contacted his insurance company, who happily transferred his insurance on to the new vehicle, noting on the change of details document that the car was registered to his father. No problem there. </font>

    <font color="#3300cc">The insurance renewal date is now looming, but our son doesn't want to renew his policy for the Freelander with the present company as they do not provide cover for a Toyota Celica - which is the car that he has set his heart on buying, when he can find a good one. Here is our problem - having found an insurance company that will insure the Toyota when it is aquired, they won't provide cover for a car that is registered in someone elses name! We would rather not officially transfer the Freelander to our son, as it will add another owner to the registration document. So, how do we find insurance companies that will a) insure a driver to use a car registered to another, <u>and</u> b) insure a Toyota Celica? </font>

    <font color="#3300cc">My son is 25 years old, is a qualified HGV driver, and has 2 years no claims.</font>

    <font color="#3300cc">We will be very grateful for any advice that anyone might have to help us through this maze of conflict!</font>

    <font color="#3300cc">SarahMF</font>

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