Insurance threatening to cancel policy - needing advice please!

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  •  Thu, Apr 12 2012, 8:26 PM

    Re: Insurance threatening to cancel policy - needing advice please!

    Go straight to their complaints department and tell them you have taken legal advice and do not accept their position in regards of your cancellation charges .That you believe they are operating in contravention of the Financial Services(Distance Marketing)Regulations 2004. Give them 14 days to refund any monies owed to you or you will be requesting a \"Letter Of Deadlock\" and will be referring the matter to the Financial Ombudsman immediately. This got me back most of my deposit back when I cancelled my policy in after a week .Cancelled within the legal cooling off period and they tried to take the whole deposit off me. Quoting outrageous charges for one weeks cover! Do not put up with it!I Happen to be a Which ? magazine subscriber and so had access to a legal advisor so this was invaluable in getting back most of my deposit. Good luck.
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    Re: Insurance threatening to cancel policy - needing advice please!


    So, my question is, do I have grounds to get out of my insurance without paying those fees?

    Yes. You've set out your grounds here. You are entitled to dispute any demand for money. It would be worthwhile, if you are going to dispute this matter, to put the situation in writing and to propose some solutions other than simply not paying (for example, paying pro-rata for the policy, waiting for the new licence, etc.). If you do decide to dispute the matter, you need to be prepared for threatening letters and, possibly, debt collectors and court action if a fair solution can't be found.

    It is important that you are careful not to make promises like "the licence will be here next week" but you should be honest about the situation.

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    Insurance threatening to cancel policy - needing advice please!

    I signed up for a new car insurance policy in the middle of March, to start on the 20th. They sent through all my details and they'd got a bunch of things wrong but they also said that they wanted photocopies of my driving licence as well as licences for my named drivers - my dad and sister. Now it took me ages to get my date of birth sorted out, which resulted in me having to up my premium with them by about £60 for the year I think it was in the end. I'm still not sure how it happened in the first place to be honest. But then my insurance certificate came through and it had the wrong date of birth still, the wrong post code and a couple of other things were wrong. I phoned about it all and they apologised, said they'd sort it and send me a new insurance policy - I didn't get anything.

    So, now here's my problem. The licences. I've sent the licence for myself and my sister but my dad still hasn't got one of the new photocard licences because the DVLA keep sending back his form over tiny things. So I contacted the insurance people and they gave me an extra week extension because of the bank holiday to give us time to see if we could find that old paper licence but we can't and so can only assume that it's lost. I asked at the time what I would have to do if I couldn't find it and they basically said to just see if I can and then call back. So I've called them today to tell them I can't find it and they've said I have two options. Either take him off the policy, which will bring my premium up to £450 from £345 or, him I don't send it in, they'll cancel my policy and I'll have to pay a £110 cancellation fee. On the 14th I'll have had my policy with them for 25 days, I paid a £70 deposit and so they're wanting £180 for 25 days of insurance?! Ridiculous!

    My last insurance company didn't need those documents so I want to move back to them but don't want to pay the £110 fee. I only didn't stay with them because they gave a quote of £360 on confused.com but wouldn't do it as I wasn't a new customer and would only go as low as £450 on the phone. So now esure have said I have no choice but to do it. Now, my argument is that nowhere did it say that I would have to provide that information, otherwise I wouldn't have gone with them. They tried to tell me that I agreed to it before taking out my policy because I tick a box saying that I agree to the terms and conditions. But here's the terms and conditions... www.esurebroker.com/legal/terms_and_conditions... No mention of needing those documents. I managed to find that it says about them on the FAQ page, which I didn't look at and don't actually have to look at and at no point was I asked to agree to the information on the FAQ page.

    So, my question is, do I have grounds to get out of my insurance without paying those fees? Or can I argue the fact that they don't legally have to have that information from me as many other insurance companies don't take copies and so they should accept the two I've sent them and just cope without the third one? Any advice would be appreciated!
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