ID Aware (Lloyds TSB Credit Reporting Service)

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  •  Wed, Jul 06 2011, 2:31 PM

    Re: ID Aware (Lloyds TSB Credit Reporting Service)

    Whenever you go and view your report are you looking for information that is 6 months? 12 months? 6 years old? and no more recent than this?

    How do you think they get you the most recent information? They have to create a search to get the updated information back!

    Do not worry about these searches though, they will not affect your credit score at all as they are not being made in connection with a credit application and 90% of the search done is made against your name verification, aliases and address verification which leaves no trace on your credit file other than a record of the search made.

    It is common knowledge now that multiple applications for credit will reduce your credit score but the searches that are being made are not for credit and are for informational purposes only and do not have a negative effect on your profile. And for your information, when Equifax and Experian produce your credit file they do not just make the information up, they have to search for it through the records produced under your name. But like the Lloyds search this has no effect on your file other than a listing to say the search has been carried out.

    Just a brief summary

    Search a thousand times and it will not make a difference to your credit score. It is only when the search is associated with a credit application that a "Full Search" will be marked on your file and multiple full searches will have a negative impact on your file eventually.

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  •  Wed, Jul 06 2011, 11:35 AM

    ID Aware (Lloyds TSB Credit Reporting Service)


    I am a Lloyds TSB customer adn their ID Aware service comes free with my account. This enables me to view my credit report and also send text messages to me if the report changes significantly at any time.

    I havenoticed that every time I view my credit report through this service it adds a search to my record, which is obviously having a negitive impact.

    I questioned them on this and they advised that they will add a search every time I request my report.

    I am on the understaing that you should not be disadvantagesd for viewing your own report, and I certainly have not had searcheds addes in the passed from callcredit, experian or equifax when I have used them in the past to view my report.

    Can I get these searches, added by Lloyds TSB, emoved from my report? Do I have any grounds to demand this?

    Your advise wopuld be great :o)

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