How to Protect your Router and PC:

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    How to Protect your Router and PC:

    Router Security

    “Most routers and wireless modems have a control panel that you can access through your web browser. Details of the information you need to login to this control panel can usually be found in the documentation supplied with your router or modem.”

    1. Make sure a WEP key is on your router, use the highest possible level of encryption (i.e. 128bit), which is better than 64bit if your router supports it.

    2. Change the default username and password on your router immediately after you turn it on, replacing the manufacturer’s default settings.

    3. Close all ports on your router if any are open. 4. Make sure the DMZ is inactive.

    5. If you can turn ping responses off on your router, do so.

    6. Change the SSID (i.e. router name) of your router to something you will recognise but in no way relates to you, your broadband provider or the router manufacturer, e.g. (don’t put your router name as Franks Router or Linksys as they will try to use the default passwords to access it).

    PC Setup

    1. Make sure the routers name (SSID) is not the same as your PC name or your own name. This gives anyone trying to get in an idea of what username you might be using on your PC. This also applies to other names like your favourite football team; some people have a habit of using the same router name as their password, which obviously makes it easier to compromise the security.

    2. Make sure any users that use your PC have a password and that it is not easy to guess.

    3. Turn remote desktop connections off if you don’t use them.

    4. Do not store any personal information on your PC (bank details, bills, credit card numbers etc). If you need to keep a copy of anything file it somewhere other than your PC.

    5. Make sure you use a password on your PC that combines numbers and letters and preferably symbols.
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