Help! Need to get a car for work so many options and so many problems

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  •  Tue, Dec 04 2012, 9:27 AM

    Re: Help! Need to get a car for work so many options and so many problems

    ....You definitely need to talk to the employing Company about what sort of car THEY expect you to have. In a Sales role they may well expect you to have a smart,nearly new motor capable of transporting clients in certain circumstances so may not be impressed if you turn up in a 5 year old VW Polo or Ford Ka.
    You also need to know what petrol allowance that they will be paying you - have to match that with petrol consumption of any car you may purchase. eg don't buy a 2 litre car if they are giving you the minimum mileage allowance!!
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  •  Mon, Dec 03 2012, 10:23 PM

    Re: Help! Need to get a car for work so many options and so many problems


    i couldn't afford the payments if anything went wrong and i was unemployed.

    You should avoid any lease, HP or other finance scheme in your circumstances. It's a new job and obviously you are optimistic but it is always possible that either you don't like the organisation or the organisation doesn't like you.

    Personally I have never spent more than about £500 on a car and I've had some really smart ones. Often you will find that larger cars with more specifications cost less than small three-door cars once they approach ten years old. It's worth having a browse on autotrader.co.uk or your local papers. Using a dealer will cost more than buying privately and the dealer guarantee isn't worth a lot. I find that if the seller seems genuine and has had the car for a while, it's worth looking further at what is on offer. It's worth spending time researching how to inspect vehicles however you buy.

    It's definitely a bad idea to tie yourself into a finance scheme. A personal loan would be preferable but the best option is always going to be to take an affordable wad of cash from your bank account and go "shopping" with that in your pocket.

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  •  Mon, Dec 03 2012, 8:55 PM

    Re: Help! Need to get a car for work so many options and so many problems

    I think your only available option is a personal loan from a bank/loan company or finance arranged by a local car dealer. The expensive bit could be the Insurance, so pick the car carefully. If you are using the car for work, you will need to declare this and be quoted for the relevant business use. Without knowing the mileage and typical daily usage, difficult to advise on a car. Fords are generally a good bet. Stay away from Vauxhall Corsas, as they are liked by teenage drivers, so can be expensive to Insure. Fiats built in the last 5 years are pretty decent. Toyotas and Mitsubushi are known for reliability and may not be too bad on the Insurance, if you go for a small engined car.
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  •  Mon, Dec 03 2012, 8:14 PM

    Help! Need to get a car for work so many options and so many problems

    Hi Everyone,

    Been using MoneySupermarket for ages but never had a reason to come to the forums until now and was hoping for some much needed advise. I need to have a car for 2nd of Jan when i start a new job and time is marching on! i don't know what car to get or in which way to get the car! its pretty safe to say that i am clueless, treat me as a complete novice!

    The car allowance is 350/month and i need a reasonable car for visiting clients.
    I'm 25 and haven't driven for 4 years. I have never been down as the the main driver for car insurance and therefore have no claims bonus. The nearest thing i have is 3 years no claims as a named driver.

    as it stands i cant get a company car lease, i have to provide my own car and i feel really stuck i don't know what to do. I have looked at these options so far;

    1) If I'm right in thinking ill get taxed and NI'd on the car allowance so £350 - 33% leaves me with £241.50. If i'm lucky i can get insurance at £55 per month which leaves me with a monthly budget of £196.50 which i need to get a 15000/year leased car. That doesn't seem alot to me at all plus i will be tied into a 2-4 year contract, the job seems solid and safe but i couldn't afford the payments if anything went wrong and i was unemployed. The only plus i can see is that i wouldn't have to worry about future car costs and the car would be brand new.

    2) The other option i was thinking of was getting a loan for around £5800 and buying a car using the £196.50 to pay for loan repayments and car servicing mot , tax etc
    If i assign £1,200 to the running of the car (excluding petrol) for 3 years that leaves me with £163.16 for loan repayments and a budget to buy a used car for £5800. obviously if the car goes kaput i'm screwed but i could get one from a good dealer. also at the end of the 3 years. unlike the lease i have a car and if anything went wrong with work i can sell the car to pay for the loan.

    3) Some told me a bout a hire purchase scheme but i have very little knowledge on this does any one know a good one or can recommend one to investigate. I've seen these require a deposit, i could probably rustle up £1500 as a deposit but do you get this back if you don't choose to buy the car at the end of it?

    4) The other option i'm thinking of is to approach the company i'm going to work for to ask if they could put me on their company car car lease (my sales role isn't currently entitled to this, although non sales roles are) and to take away all / a portion of my car allowance? am i right in thinking they might be up for this as they can claim back part/all of the VAT? they could also put me on their fleet insurance which would save me loads. If i offered all my car allowance for this would i end up just being even worse off from being taxed more?

    If anyone can offer any advice or give their comments it would be much appreciated!

    Thanks so so much!


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