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  •  Sun, May 04 2008, 11:11 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

    lisalou --- It looks like Pharaoh has decided to withdraw / edit out the rude pointless comments that were aimed against your contribution, it seems a shame that he / they cannot remove the copy of the post which I placed into my quotation box when I asked them to justify it, even more shameful they didn't have the courage to apologise.....instead of just trying to remove it altogether. !!!

    This forum is better off without fools like that anyway, there's one born every minute....the trouble is they don't die at the same rate.

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  •  Sun, May 04 2008, 10:06 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

    And i was always told, if you cant say anything constructive then keep your mouth shut!!! maybe you should take some advice!!!

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  •  Sun, May 04 2008, 12:24 AM

    Re: FLOGAS


    Hi Lisalou

    If you have a complaint about a company, or are replying to a post ref. problems witha particular organisation, you may find your thoughts are taken more seriously if you "spell check" and verify grammar before you submit.

    Stunning first post. !!!

    I can't believe you joined this forum to, "Nitpick" about a members grammatical contribution, when you cannot even spell the word, PHARAOH correctly. !!!!

    Please could you also enlighten everyone as to what a, <u>&quot;witha&quot;</u> is. ?

    Is that a type of gas sensor as in, &quot;Wiffa&quot; meaning a smell detector .....or did you simply make a typing mistake and mean to split that into, &quot;<u>with</u> a&quot;. ?

    You've surely heard the old saying about people who live in greenhouses, or was it glasshouses.............. ???

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  •  Sat, May 03 2008, 11:43 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

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  •  Thu, Mar 06 2008, 9:01 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

    lisalou - I know of someone who lives across the road from me who uses Budget Gas and pays 24p per litre for his LPG!!!!!! So it just goes to prove it can be done at this price. It would be interesting to see what Flogas and BP offer as their bottom price.

    I don't think that Flogas will relinquish their hold on your tank until they absolutely have to - but it's worth asking the question.

    I've heard the same story from Flogas too, about &quot;Why gas is so expensive.&quot; Take a look at the massive increase in their profits. I wonder how they can explain that?

    Keep us posted.

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  •  Thu, Mar 06 2008, 6:11 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

    just to let all you FLOGAS customers know

    today i had a call from a BP rep and he said that the most they are charging for there gas is 38p per liter but most customers are on a couple of pence less then that, there is also a standing charge but still a good 20p per liter BELOW what im being chaarged by FLOGAS, he also said that if flogas are willing to sell the hire of there tank on they would be happt to take it over otherwise the cost of a new tank could be incorperated into the price of there gas over the first 12 months of supply so no initial outlay!!!

    he is coming to see me next wednesday and give me some prices and a chat about what can be done!!!!

    i also had a call from the arear manager of flow gas and he likes to roll off all the figurses and why the gas is so expensive!!

    but he too is coming round to see us for a chat so hopefully by then we will have some competative figures to show from BP!!!

    so please please all you flogas customers dont feel so bad there is light at the end of the tunnelk for all of us!!!

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  •  Wed, Mar 05 2008, 8:50 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

    I would say that is a good result, as a starting point, lisalou. Well done! It's encouraging that they are sending someone out to see you. It might be an idea to get one or two of your neighbours to give you some backup and moral support when Flogas come out to see you. The more voices the better!!!

    To be capped at 12 months would be good, as long as it's capped at a decent rate!

    Good riddance to Leigh-Anne - let's hope they've replaced her with someone who is understanding and willing to help. Pity the people she's gone to work for!

    It will be better for us all when the Competition Commission have ruled (in the consumers' favour) and we're not at the mercy of Flogas any more. I wonder how much their rates will drop then?????

    Good luck and let us know how you go on.

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  •  Wed, Mar 05 2008, 6:07 PM

    Re: FLOGAS

    thank you both for your reply

    I have some news to report.

    I put pen to paper today and wrote a letter of complaint to the domestic manager a Mr Dave Shillam and a copy to the accounts manager, Mr Nick Stow also a copy to my local MP and a copy to the trading standards.

    But before i posted them i rang head office and spoke in person to Mr Dave Shillam and put my questions and complaints to him direct.

    He seemed concerned that we as a collective in the complex are unhappy with the cost we are paying for our gas and has agreed to send the Regional manager (Mr Mike Roberts) to see us all in person to see if they can come to an arrangement on the rate we are being charged. I was shocked to know that the rate i am being charged is only of the mid level and some customers are paying far more then the £1.58 per cubic meter i am paying at present.

    I also told him that i would like the cost of gas we arrange to pay would be capped for at least 12 months, he said he was sure this could be done.

    I then put it to him that if we could not come to a mutual arrangement would FLOGAS be willing to sell there tank to another LPG provider, prior to the new legislation taking place as he confessed that FLOGAS would comply with the new ruling when it comes into place in the future.

    I was told that it could be a possibility but he wanted to retain our custom and supply us with gas at a price we were both mutually happy with.

    I am now just waiting for the Regional manager to get back to me and i will let you know what happend as soon as i have any news.

    As for 'Leigh-Ann' i was told that she las left the company as of last friday and that it was probably for the best!!!

    watch this space but i wont hold my breath!!!

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  •  Wed, Mar 05 2008, 9:01 AM

    Re: FLOGAS


    they want to increas my D/D from 75.00 per month to £156.00!!!! this is a 100% increas and when i called them to try and negotiate i spoke to the ever unhelpfull leighann and was told "tuff you use the gas so you must pay for it"

    Haaaa, know her well. She has a degree in callousness!!!

    Hi lisalou

    I, personally, cannot offer any more help at this time unfortunately, other than what you've already read on the threads on here about Flogas. I can sympathise with you though as I know what you're going through and I can assure you that you're not alone! We also considered moving house because of the extortionate cost of gas. We love where we live and were very tempted to up-roots just so that we weren't at the mercy of Flogas. I presume you've read my &quot;Flogas - can they charge what they want thread?&quot; There are a few people on there who have done lots of research on this and they may indeed step in here to help you out further as to what you can do.

    It's wrong, so very wrong. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Good luck and let us know on here how you go on. My heart goes out to you lisalou.

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  •  Wed, Mar 05 2008, 12:57 AM

    Re: FLOGAS

    Hi -- Have a lok at this older thread from some of our disgruntled members on this same subject.


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  •  Tue, Mar 04 2008, 10:44 PM

    Hi all

    I have read all the threads on this forum regarding FLOGAS, and i too am in the same situation, i am in a 2 bed flat and myself and 3 other flats in the complex are supplied gas from this horrendous company!! at present i am paying £1.58 per cubic meter and 20p per day standidng charge.

    When i questioned why we were being chaged so much i was told it was due to distribution costs and that prices vary depending on where you live in the county. Only to then be told that my gas is distributed from various depots!!!!!!!!

    Today i went to my loca CAB office for some legal advice as i have recenty had a notice of D/D increas from FLOGAS.

    they want to increas my D/D from 75.00 per month to £156.00!!!! this is a 100% increas and when i called them to try and negotiate i spoke to the ever unhelpfull leighann and was told &quot;tuff you use the gas so you must pay for it&quot;

    When i told them that i could not pay that much and would cancel my D/D i was them told if i did that they would cut me off!!!

    So far i have managed to set up a standing order for the continuing ammount of £75.00 per month and even this is a rediculously high ammount to be paying every month!!

    I also asked them for a copy of there code of conduct and complaints procedeour only to be told that they dont have one!!!

    When i rang OFGEM to ask if this was legal i was told that as an LPG supplier they can do whatever they want basically, in otherwords charge what they want treat customers as they see fit and are not anserable to anyone!!

    I think this is utterly rediculous that in this day and age a company is leagally allowed to conduct there business like this and that there are no laws in place to protect the vaunerable consumer

    i am a single parent and i work part time i am not financially able to offer anymore money and an at my witts end and with nowhere to turn and no help available from any leagal governing body i am in constant threat of being cut off!!

    my other neighbours are in the same situation but as this is a rented property the cost of replacing the equpment is not financially viable to us as the outlay is far too expensive, the landlord has left it up to us what we do about it and has basically washed his hands of the problem.

    We as tenants were never given the option to choose who supplied the gas to this property as it was already in place when we moved in. We were simply asked to call FLOGAS and open an account with them.

    My gas prices have steadily risen over the last 2 years i have lived in this property and im sorry to say that it has come to a point where i will have to move out as i cannot afford to pay my gas.

    If anyone has any offer of help or suggestions i would be very greatfull.!!!

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